Attention: Jenny From the Block Is Back and Better in J Lo's New Music Video

Well, hello there, Jenny from the block. We've missed you! Jennifer's alter ego from her 2002 album This Is Me... Then is back for the music video for "Amor, Amor, Amor" featuring Wisin and filmed in her hometown.

Jennifer herself gave us a preview of her look on Instagram, featuring a severe high ponytail, large gold hoops, a fur coat over a Guess crop top (is there anything more early 2000s?), cropped leather pants, and lace-up, high-heel boots. It's like we jumped in a time machine and were sent back to the better days of music. We should have known we could always count on Jennifer to give us just what we need.

The song, a catchy tune J Lo previewed earlier this year, is sure to be a banger, and from this behind-the-scenes look, the video will be as epic as the one for "Ni Tu Ni Yo."