3 Makeup Tips You'll Want to Steal From Jessica Alba, Stat

Actress and The Honest Company founder Jessica Alba is known for her stunning looks both on screen and off. If, like us, you're curious about how she manages to stay so incredibly radiant year-round, get excited, because she just shared her best makeup tips with Shape.

From how to expertly apply concealer to her favorite go-to look, keep reading to discover Jessica's beauty secrets, straight from her October 2016 cover story. Then, find out her favorite healthy habits before you scroll through her most eye-catching style moments so far this year.

1. Accentuate Your Favorite Features

"When it comes to my daily beauty routine, I concentrate on enhancing the features that I like — namely, my eyes and lips and the tops of my cheekbones — and covering up the things I don't, like my dark circles and certain little capillaries. I'll even do a slightly smoky eye for daytime or a bold lip."

2. Only Use Concealer Where You Need It

"One makeup trick I use every day is spot concealing. I do it under my eyes or just around my nose — that's where I get a little bit red. I put concealer there, then follow with some powder between my eyebrows, around the sides of my nose, and under my bottom lip."

3. Strategically Powder Your Face

"I used to think you had to set your makeup and cover your whole face with powder. But that just makes you look old. Put powder only where you really need it."