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Jessica Alba Hair Interview | The Honest Company Hair Care

Jessica Alba Reveals the 1 Hairspray You Need For Beach Waves (P.S. — She Made This)

Jessica Alba Hair Interview | The Honest Company Hair Care

If you've searched for #hairinspo at any point over the last decade, you've likely saved at least one (or a dozen) images of actress-turned-entrepreneur Jessica Alba. Be it a new cut, color, or style, the woman has a seriously enviable mane with the Google results to prove it. Luckily for us, she's been working hard to bottle up her iconic tousled texture into her first ever hair care line (available now at and, so you can achieve Alba-like results without a trip to the salon.

Quick backstory if you're not totally familiar with Jessica's brand, The Honest Company.
Let's backtrack: In 2011, the Hollywood leading lady joined The Honest Company, a holistic brand of nontoxic skin care and household items. It quickly gained a cult following — especially with moms — so in September 2015, the range expanded to include cosmetics. The creamy highlighters and blushes help you mock Jessica's angelic lit-from-within glow (which by the way, is no joke in real life). I'll let the $1.7 billion valuation speak for itself when I say: she's developed some pretty popular beauty products over the last five years.

So, what inspired her to segue into hair care? "It was a natural extension for us," Jessica told me when I met her at a press event. "I felt like there really wasn't a brand or line that delivered clean, better-for-you ingredients, and the performance you want out of prestige hair care."

Since I got a sneak peek at the offering, I spent all Summer testing it out, and I can honestly say (pun intended) that I am impressed. The 11-product lineup ($20-$30) includes three targeted ranges: Beyond Hydrated for normal hair, Truly Restored for damaged hair, and Honestly, a collection of four styling products. The minimalist packaging featuring clean white, navy, and copper-toned bottles earned the bottles prime real estate in my shower and on my vanity. And the results were equally as pretty.

I couldn't believe how easily my hair styled after using the Moisture Milk Leave-in Conditioner and Sea Salt Spray. And by styled, I mean that I sprayed, brushed, and went about my morning routine. By the time I went to grab my blow dryer and get to work taming my typically unruly head of curls, I somehow achieved this cool-girl texture that I didn't want to touch.

Whether you're eco-obsessed or not, it's comforting to know the products you're putting on your head are made with good-for-you ingredients like coconut juice (for hydration), sunflower seed oil (for conditioning and shine), and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (for texture). But sticking to an ingredient lineup that reads more like a grocery list than a periodic table, comes with its challenges. "There are benchmarks that people have for performance and when we are working on formulations, we have to live up to that," she said. "Just because we're using more naturally derived ingredients, doesn't mean people will settle for subpar results."

Like any good entrepreneur, Alba looked to her closest friends for constructive feedback on the line. It just so happens that when you're Jessica Alba, those close friends are some of the most talented hairstylists in the world, like Jen Atkin and Jennifer Yepez. After testing the formulas on themselves and on clients, they were able to report back if textures needed revamping. "I would take their feedback to my chemists to discuss how we could tweak the formulas to achieve the desired result," Jessica noted.

Keep reading to learn more about the launch, straight from Jessica. We also got the star to reveal some of her favorite products and dish out savvy styling advice.

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