13 La Lotería Halloween Costumes You're Going to Want to Start DIY-ing Right Now

You might as well consider yourself the winner of the "Best Costume" award handed out at every Halloween party you're attending this year, because there's no way anyone will outdo these La Lotería costumes. There are so easy to DIY — just grab some cardboard, markers, scissors and glue — and you can go solo or as a group. Plus, the character options are almost limitless. You can be La Chalupa (a popular choice), El Diablito, El Borracho, El Mundo, La Dama, and so many more. You could even go rogue and choose one of the characters in the new millennial Lotería. We're telling you . . . endless options!

La Chalupa

El Valiente

La Sirena

El Valiente and La Chalupa

El Nopal, La Chalupa, and El Valiente

La Sirena, La Dama, El Borracho, Las Jaras, and El Apache

La Maceta

El Cotorro and El Valiente

La Chalupa

El Diablito

La Chalupa

El Borracho y La Chalupa