10 Latin American Beauty Brands You'll Want to Add to Your Vanity

POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio
POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio

Growing up Latina, there's a good chance that the women in your family taught you the ways of beauty early on, passing on their lists of tried and true products they can't live without and their impressive DIY secrets, and maybe even telling you to replace your favorite drugstore and Sephora buys with brands that they knew and loved back home.

While you may be too attached to your Urban Decay Naked Palette (we don't blame you) to abandon all your usuals cold turkey, we rounded up some favorite Latin American brands that are hands-down worth a try and could easily become your new beauty go-tos. Grandma will be so proud!

Additional reporting by Alessandra Foresto



L'Bel is owned by Belcorp, a Peruvian corporation that started as a door-to-door cosmetics company and now has a strong presence all over Latin America. Originally named Ebel and launched in Colombia, L'Bel came about in 2008, when the name was changed to underscore how each woman can choose to be empowered and own their looks — it's a play on the words "her beauty" in French. The brand is best known for its fabulous lipsticks and encouraging women's beauty.



From fragrances to makeup, Ésika is a favorite across Latin America — it's in 13 countries and has been around for over 10 years — thanks to its inspiring approach to beauty. Also owned by Belcorp, the brand's motto is "Tu y tu belleza lo pueden todo," or "you and your beauty can do it all." Its website features how-to videos and even a virtual tool that allows you to try on nail colors and makeup. Its eye shadow palette is just one of its many top products.



Anyone who grew up in Latin America in the '90s was a big fan of Cyzone's catalogs — and probably wanted so badly to be a model in one of them. Cyzone targets the millennial generation. Its youthful spirit is evident in its online presence — one look at its Instagram and more than 300,000 followers will show that it understands aesthetic. The brand's visuals highlight how its products easily complement a 20-something's lifestyle. One of its most popular products is eye shadow, but it also sells clothing, accessories, and hair care.


Rahua Beauty

Rahua is based out of the United States but was started by an Ecuadorean hairstylist and colorist, Fabian Lliguin, who learned about the powers of natural alternatives from the indigenous women in his home country. The brand's focus (and promise) is on hair and body products featuring Amazonian ingredients like rahua, buriti, and sacha inchi oils that will help repair and revitalize your skin and strands.


Cadiveu Professional

A brand straight out of Brazil, Cadiveu boasts a reputation of helping revitalize hair with the best products and ingredients. A look at its website shows you lots of preshampooing treatments, deep conditioners, oil masks, and more strengthening helpers. YouTube beauty and fashion vlogger Camila Coelho, whom you might recognize from the front row of every fashion show, is a spokesperson for the brand, even appearing on the packaging.


Ayres Beauty

The founder of Ayres, Alejandro Rasic, worked for brands like Estée Lauder, Kenzo, and Givenchy Parfums for 18 years, leaving only to launch his own aromatherapy body line. He was inspired by his Argentinian roots, including tango bars and music, to create a brand centered on fragrant natural oils. The brand's collections of hand creams, body lotions, bar soaps, and candles have names like Patagonia, Pampas Sunrise, and Midnight Tango.


Jolie de Vogue

This Colombian beauty brand carrying everything from makeup to nail polish has a serious following across Latin America because of its multitasking items. The founder, María de Chaves, started the brand out of a garage in Bogota, where she used to make nail polish in big pots and pans.



With roots in Peru, Yanbal is a megalarge family business started by Fernando Belmont in 1967 and now run by his daughter, who continues his mission to empower women. Latina beauty influencers love to use Yanbal products for their tutorials, but aside from its wide range of nail polish and lipstick, its fragrances are the most known products — Gaia being one of the most popular ones.


Vogue Cosméticos

Straight out of Colombia and a sister brand to Jolie de Vogue, Vogue Cosméticos has a history of being a go-to beauty brand for Latinas for the last few decades. While it boasts of all different types of beauty products, it prides itself on its diverse nail polish collection.



Brazilian brand Natura, created in 1969, uses natural ingredients and puts the consumer's well-being front and center, which is probably why it's the number one cosmetics brand in the Latin American country. Its product line spans from makeup to perfumes, but its most popular collection is probably Ekos, which was inspired by Brazilian beauty traditions.