25+ Latin Songs That Make For the Perfect Holiday Playlist

As Latinas, we're lucky enough to be able to make the holiday season special and particularly ours — with touches of traditions no one else understands, which make our celebrations feel totally unique. For one, there's the food; the chicken is next to the lechón or the turkey, and everyone is eating at different times (and multiple times) through the night. There are lots of people everywhere, getting ready for the nightlong affair, starting on the afternoon of Dec. 24 and leading up to present opening at midnight.

But nothing incites more holiday cheer than the soundtrack blasting from speakers as everyone chatters and gossips around the tree and nativity scene. Keep scrolling for the ultimate Latin holiday playlist that'll make everyone bop around, sing along, and get into the holiday spirit quicker than you can say "Feliz Navidad," then check off everyone on your list with these 100-plus gift ideas.

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"Feliz Navidad" by José Feliciano

We're starting with the obvious. This tune is the epitome of Latin holiday songs.

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"Navidad, Navidad " by Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel FTW. The end!

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"Mis Deseos" / "Feliz Navidad" by Michael Bublé and Thalia

Michael Bublé . . . in Spanish . . . with Thalia. And, yes, his Spanish is very sexy.

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"Aires de Navidad" by Willie Colón

An oldie but a goodie.

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"Farolito (Little Star)" by Gloria Estefan

You can never go wrong with Gloria Estefan — this applies for all life situations, by the way.

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"Blanca Navidad (White Christmas)" by Luis Miguel

Here's to hoping you can play this while snow is falling outside your window.

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"Los Peces en el Rio" by Villancicos

Pretty sure this was one of the first songs every Latin kid learned as a kid. Get ready to sing!

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"Noche de Paz" by Aline Barros

"Noche de Paz" is a beautiful song that's made more poetic when sung in Portuguese.

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"La Murga" by Hector Lavoe and Willie Colón

A "get on your feet" kind of holiday song.

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"Mi Regalo Favorito" by Prince Royce

Prince Royce telling us we're his favorite present makes this our favorite holiday song of all time.

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"Pasito Tun Tun" by PeeWee

This is the kind of song you pull all your silly dance moves for.

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"Ya Llegó La Navidad" by Generación 12

It's all about the Christmas cheer.

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"Jingle Bells" by Celia Cruz

You can't have a holiday playlist without Celia Cruz.

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"Santa Claus Llegó a La Ciudad" by Andrea Bocelli

The voice of a million angels, amiright?

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"La Fiesta No Es Para Feos" by Gilberto Santa Rosa

It's all in good fun!

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"Lechón, Lechón, Lechón" by Victor Manuelle

Victor Manuelle throws some spice on any holiday party . . .

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"Me Entra Un Desespero" by Victor Manuelle

. . . enough spice that we included him twice.

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"El Burrito de Belén" by Aventura

It's Aventura. No more explanations needed, right?

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"Bebiendo Ron Sin Bañarse" by Santo y Su Tuna de San Juan

The nontraditional but equally fun holiday song.

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"El Velón" by Los Sabrosos del Merengue (featuring Johnny Ventura)

You can't have a holiday party without Johnny Ventura.

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"Año Nuevo" by Billo's Caracas Boys

For when all you want to do is start the New Year . . .

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"Año Viejo" by Los Melódicos

. . . and leave the old one behind.

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"Medley Navideño" by Tito Rojas

This one song covers it all.

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"Campana Sobre Campana" by Yuri

Another classic we all know. Sing along, everyone!

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"Ya Vienen Los Reyes Magos" by Villancicos

The holidays aren't over until los reyes make their appearance!