All the Reasons We'd Let Sexy Peruvian Chef Franco Noriega Cook Us a Meal Any Day

Is there anything better than a hot guy in the kitchen? No, no, there is not. Take, for instance, the hunky man being called the world's hottest chef, Peruvian-born Franco Noriega. The restaurateur, who doubles as a six-pack-clad model with a lofty social media following, recently opened his first spot in New York City called Baby Brasa — and we're suddenly craving a meal out.

In his kitchen, Franco's specialty is healthy chicken prepared with the delicious flavors of his native country, but we'll just go ahead and say that his already-acclaimed Latin menu isn't the only crowd-pleaser. Seriously. Compliments to the chef, because his Instagram is filled with steamy snaps any foodie (read: literally everyone) can appreciate. From shirtless apron shots to sizzling knife skills and all kids of abs, read on to see Franco's hottest moments. Then, take a look through some of the best recipes Peru has to offer.


When He Posed in an Apron — With Nothing Underneath

Is it hot in here?


When His Pensive Face Was the Cutest Thing Ever



When He Was the Handsome Guy in the Produce Section

We like carrots, too, Franco.


When He Showed Off His Knife Skills in a Formfitting Sweater

It really is hot in here.


When He Simultaneously Flexed and Sipped Fresh Coconut Water on the Beach

No. Words.


When We Got Lost in His Midcooking Smolder

Those hazel eyes though . . .


When He Was Doing a Little Shirtless Light Reading in Bed

Going over some new recipes? Stealing our hearts? Both? OK.


When He Casually Clenched His Abs After a Long Day of Cooking

Same, Franco.


And Then Worked All Those Delicious Calories Off With Some Weights

Brb, going to take a cold shower.


When He Snapped This Morning Selfie

He woke. Up. Like. This.


When He Was a Tourist in Paris



When He Showed Off His Artistic Side

Yes, he even PAINTS.


When He Looked Adorable Listening to Music

We'd so listen to his playlist.