12 Times Jennifer Lopez's Twins Were the Cutest Pair on the Internet

Jennifer Lopez has always been one to show off her love for her #coconuts, as she affectionately calls Max and Emme, her 9-year-old twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony, and some of the sweet moments they have had as a family.

The mini version of J Lo and Marc are definitely in the running for the cutest kids on the internet based on all of the adorable things they like doing for their famous mom. From making her paper flowers for Valentine's Day to simply cuddling with her on her days off from her busy schedule, these are some of the best moments between J Lo and her sweet twins.


When Emme just wants to cuddle on the couch.


When all Max wanted as a baby was a snuggle session.


When they get into the recording studio to give mom a kiss.


When they played around with filters on Snapchat.


When they read a book together on a plane.


When Max snuggled up to his mom in matching PJs.


When they chilled in bed on a day off.


When they blew out candles on their birthday.


When J Lo and Emme had a mother-daughter dance session.


When Max and J Lo got low.


When they gave Jennifer paper roses for Valentine’s Day.