It Might Not Be Drastic, but Selena Gomez's Revival Tour Haircut Is Gorgeous

We'll admit it: we might be a little obsessed with Selena Gomez's hair. But can you blame us? Sure her flowy brown and honey strands aren't totally natural, but they're still always so voluminous, look great straight or wavy, and even have their own beauty contract with Pantene. So, when she got a trim before hitting the road on her Revival tour, we noticed and freaked.

The cut by hairstylist Riawna Capri might not look that different than the style Selena has been rocking this year, but it really is once you look closely at the details. The layers in her hair are longer and softer, which allow her hair to look more swingy and full, and the face-framing pieces in the front highlight her incredible bone structure. You see it now? Check out more photos of the tour in action for even more evidence that this haircut is seriously impactful.