13 Times Sofia Vergara Showed Us She Lives by the Hashtag #NoPainNoCake

It's no secret that Sofia Vergara loves a good snack — she even got caught eating all of the popcorn at the 2015 Emmy Awards and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in 2016. But the Modern Family star knows that to stay fit, she needs to put in the work, too.

The Colombian star likes to keep it real, often calling workouts "torture" on her Instagram and sharing candid moments of tiredness and annoyance at having to hit the gym — she really is just like us! But, even so, she works out religiously (in supercute outfits, by the way), inspiring us to do the same. Keep scrolling to see just 13 times we took one quick look at her Insta, picked up our workout bag, and headed for the door.


When She Rocked a Private Cardio Dancing Class


When She Kept It Seriously Real


When She Kept a Photo of Joe Manganiello in Her Gym as Motivation


When She Showed Off Her Reformer Form


When She Took a Post-Spinning Smiley Selfie


When She Took a Snack Break While on the Mat


When She Spent Her Break From Filming Pedalling


When She Showed Off Her Weighted Squats


When She Posted a Shot of Herself During Pilates and After


When She Kicked Ass on a New York City Rooftop


When She Got a Reformer For Her House


When She Worked Out on the Set of Modern Family