Zoe Saldana Has the Best Advice For New Moms Trying to Get Fit

Zoe Saldana is oh so wise! In an exclusive interview with People, the actress once again opens up about the struggle it has been to get back into her prepregnancy body after having her adorable twins, Cy and Bowie, earlier this year. Zoe, who recently shared an amazing Instagram photo of her abs at the gym, says the best advice she can give moms trying to get back into shape is to "be easy on yourself and embrace the place you're at in life," adding it's all about "waking up every day with a determination to get to where you want to be." Zoe shares even more wise words, saying losing the pounds has stopped being about looking great and turned into a spiritual thing for her, as she won't let her previous body "consume [her] time" and "take away from the beauty of where [she] finds [herself] today." Beautifully said!