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If You Want More "Likes" on Dating Apps, Stop With the Selfies and Beach Photos

Before you post that selfie on your dating profile, you might want to schedule a casual photo shoot with your BFF first. Turns out, subtle details about your photo can make or break the number of "likes" you receive. According to relationship app Hinge, you should pose alone and stop posting pictures with Snapchat filters.

Hinge data scientists analyzed thousands of member photos to determine which types of profile pictures get the most "likes." They assigned 35 unique tags such as standalone photos vs. group photos and smiling with teeth vs. without. The differences between what worked for male users compared to female users were pretty interesting! See the best practices their report found.

Best Photo Practices For Women

  • You're 27 percent more likely to get a "like" if you wear your hair up.
  • You're 76 percent more likely to get a "like" if you smile with teeth.
  • You're 74 percent more likely to get a "like" if you look away from the camera.
  • You're 69 percent more likely to get a "like" if you stand alone.

Best Photo Practices For Men

  • You're 43 percent more likely to get a "like" if you smile without teeth.
  • You're 102 percent more likely to get a "like" if you look ahead.
  • You're 11 percent more likely to get a "like" if you stand alone.

General Best/Worst Practices

  • Participating in sports (+166 percent for women, +45 percent for men)
  • Posting black-and-white photos (+106 percent)
  • Enjoying a night out (+74 percent)
  • Taking candid photos (+15 percent)
  • Wearing sunglasses (-41 percent)
  • Using Snapchat filters (-90 percent)
  • Posing with a possible SO (-98 percent)
  • Taking beach photos (-47 percent for women, -80 percent for men)
  • Taking selfies (-40 percent)
  • Taking bathroom selfies (-90 percent)
Image Source: StockSnap / Josh Rose
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