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Best Weed For Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Type of Weed to Smoke For Your Zodiac Sign

Cannabis-lovers know that smoking certain strains can enhance different sensations and highlight different qualities of the smoker — our zodiac traits are no different. Each zodiac sign has unique characteristics that make them special, as do the hundreds of different strains of marijuana. There is a weed strain that will complement your sign perfectly, enhancing your positive traits and minimizing your less favorable ones. Here are my picks for the perfect cannabis match for your sign, so you can get high in perfect harmony with the stars.


Aquarius is the most original and authentic of all the signs — you're the humanitarian and social reformer of the zodiac. You care deeply about people and their rights. Smoke a strain that enhances your creativity, like Blue Dream, to brainstorm and develop your next world-changing idea. This sativa-heavy hybrid helps you focus; you can sort your thoughts and put your energy into what really matters to you. Another benefit that's great for this air sign? The heavy-body high. You'll be relaxed and present, not lost in another dimension, like Aquarians tend to be. Blue Dream is the perfect match for this progressive, idealistic sign.


Pisces are ultrasensitive beings and can easily get lost in the depths of their emotions. A blissful sativa hybrid like Sour Dream is the perfect strain to uplift your mood, clear your mind, and spark your imagination. The euphoric effects will bring you back to earth — a common challenge for this dreamy, fluid water sign. Sour Dream is a cross between Blue Dream and Sour Diesel: it mixes the body relaxation from the former with the dreamy and imaginative cerebral effects from the latter. It'll keep you grounded while inspiring you to get creative and tap into your more passionate, spiritual side.


Aries are the thrill seekers of the zodiac, full of energy, confidence, and courage. Adventure is great, but you can also be impulsive and impatient at times — you should smoke an indica that will chill you out, like Granddaddy Purple. This strain is a cult favorite for a reason: it'll bring you down to earth and make you feel more levelheaded. Your friends will thank you for your mellower, less intense energy, even if it's just momentarily.


The symbol for Taurus is a bull for good reason: you can't tell a Taurus anything. Anyone with this stubborn sign would benefit from smoking something that's leveling, opening up their mind to other people's opinions. Cherry Lime is a balancing blend: it'll enhance your warmhearted and loving attributes and keep you uplifted and engaged for a spirited debate. You'll still be ready to go toe to toe, but you'll be in a much chiller mindset and won't piss off your opponents as easily.


Cancers are one of the most sentimental, intuitive, and sympathetic signs of the zodiac. You have a tendency to be overly emotional, though, and have a hard time letting sh*t go — you'd rather retreat back into your shell than address things head on. Purple Haze is your perfect cannabis match. This sativa-heavy strain provides a euphoric feeling, encouraging you to socialize and come out of your shell. Its calming effects encourage you to let go of your defensive tendencies and let your loving nature shine through.


Gemini are incredibly social beings — you're best known for being witty, intellectual, and lively. You'd do best smoking a strain that spotlights your outgoing personality while minimizing your more tense, anxious attributes. Silver Haze is a sativa-heavy strain that will give you a smooth-head high, keeping you engaged in your social circles and clearheaded enough to pop off your clever one-liners. It's a strain that's famous for its antianxiety effects, which is perfect for when you're feeling nervous or unfocused.


A Leo's perfect cannabis match is a strain that makes you feel like your most sexy and confident self — not that you need any help with that. Cali Queen is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Blue Dream and King Louis that will have you smoking like the queen (or king) you are. You're the boldest, most luxurious sign of the zodiac, so you can handle (and might even love) the potency of this hybrid — it is very potent, FYI. Since Leos are known for being the life of the party, your friends won't be too surprised.


Virgo is the sign of perfection: you analyze (or overanalyze) everyone and everything around you. An indica blend, like Girl Scout Cookies, is the perfect strain to chill you out and help you let go of your incessant need for perfection. It'll help keep you grounded, which is the ideal mindset for Earth signs. A Girl Scout Cookie high is peaceful and calm, a perfect balance for your more neurotic side.


Libras are known for their fun-loving and social nature; you love to surround yourself with glamorous things. Cherry Pie is your ideal strain, as it's known for its beautiful flowers and an addictive aroma. Libra is a charismatic and spontaneous sign, so you should smoke a strain that helps keep you balanced — your symbol is a scale, after all! Cherry Pie allows your mind to stay engaged and productive for socializing, but it will have your body feeling extra relaxed. This is the perfect strain to satisfy your self-indulgent side.


Scorpios are often a mystery to the people they meet. You're intense, intellectual, seductive, and often misunderstood. Your sign rules the sexual organs of the body, so your sensuality and allure are truly unmatched. You should smoke a strain that complements your deep, overwhelming nature. Sour Diesel is such a versatile strain — it's the perfect match for such a mysterious sign. It's great for anxiety, so it'll help curb your edgy, often jealous side and help lift your mood. This is an amazing strain to have sex on, another reason it's the perfect match for the hypersexual Scorpio.


You're the explorer of the zodiac, always down for adventure and always craving expansion. Your optimistic outlook helps you to inspire others to dream bigger, but you can sometimes be a little too intense for those who don't also see the world as their playground. Black Jack is the perfect weed match for a Sagittarius. It's a sativa that'll give you a euphoric vibe, which will enhance your positive and encouraging attributes but won't hype you up enough to bring out your preachy side. Your less ambitious friends will thank you.


Capricorns are the most disciplined, ambitious, and composed of all the signs. You're practical and grounded, but you can be so uptight sometimes! Smoke a fun strain that will help you forget about your responsibilities for a minute and let loose. Jack Herer is an energizing, sativa-dominant strain that helps relieve stress and uplifts moods. Capricorns could use a break from all of the pressure they put on themselves. Smoking this strain will have your stress melting away so you can just chill — something that can be foreign to this extraresponsible sign.

Image Source: Unsplash / Seth Doyle
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