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Books to Read After Heartbreak

10 Must Reads If You're Sick of Men Taking You For Granted

Books to Read After Heartbreak

Summer is in full heat, and everyone's filled to the brim with passion, ready to dive headfirst into a steamy, hot romance. While falling in love is the most exhilarating feeling in existence, we all know the risk it comes with. Time and time again, so many of us are jilted in the end. We find a guy who couldn't be more perfect, and we give him our all. We sacrifice everything, and we're often left with nothing. They eventually stop appreciating us, and before you know it, the relationship is over, and we're stuck overanalyzing everything that went wrong.

It gets old . . . and it's a cycle that needs breaking.These 10 books will show you how to break that cycle and never look back. The key is quite simple: always put yourself first. Yes, you might love him, but it's imperative that you love yourself more.

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