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Can You Have Too Many Orgasms?

Is It Possible to Have "Too Many" Orgasms? Experts Explain How Overstimulation Works

When it comes to orgasms, it's a real gift that women are able to have multiple in a row. However, there actually might be a cutoff, where we become too stimulated and can no longer achieve orgasm until our bodies have come off that high and adjusted back to neutral. (Ready again for a few more, later on.) Of course, if you do experience overstimulation, you'll probably know, as those orgasms that feel oh so good might start to feel a bit uncomfortable, or maybe you just won't be able to climax at all, which can be super frustrating. Here's what you need to know.

Say Yes to Orgasms

"Stimulating the clitoris and vaginal area is completely safe, [but] always make sure to have adequate lubrication," Dr. Natasha Chinn, an OBGYN, told POPSUGAR. What's more, if you've had too many orgasms or have touched yourself for too long, the vagina can become dry and sensitive, and this can cause pain without enough moisture or downtime, she says.

Plus, you can overstimulate the area, in particular the clitoris, but this can apply to the rest of the area as well.

"Overstimulation usually occurs right after orgasm when the area, especially the clitoris, becomes hypersensitive," Dr. Jennifer Landa, an OBGYN at BodyLogicMD in Orlando, FL, told POPSUGAR. This usually only lasts a short time, though. "Overstimulation, usually with a vibrator, can lead to temporary decreased sensitivity," she says.

What Does It Feel Like?

"Overstimulating the area may present with chafing or irritation and sometimes pain," says Chinn. That means hold off on masturbating or sex until you feel back to normal.

It can also happen if you start to have more orgasms than you're used to. "If a woman is having more sex than she was previously used to this can cause pain and irritation. The muscles of the vagina are like muscles of other parts of the body. They can be exerted and need time to heal," she explains. "In addition, inadequate lubrication, which may have various causes, including fluctuations in estrogen, can cause painful intercourse," she adds. These fluctuations can happen naturally throughout a woman's cycle each month.

The good news is the time to recover after overstimulation is usually quite short, says Landa. "After an orgasm some women recover in just minutes. Overstimulation after a long session with a vibrator or multiple orgasms with a vibrator may render a woman less sensitive for maybe minutes to hours, but not longer than that," she says.

The Takeaway

You're free to have a marathon, as long as it feels good! "There is no limit to how often you can stimulate so long as it isn't interfering with your daily life and it is done in an appropriate place," says Chinn. Landa agrees: "I wouldn't say there's a limit to how much to masturbate that you could say would work for all women. I think women must learn their own bodies to know how far is too far."

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