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Free Online Erotica

13 Online Erotica Sites to Get You Majorly in the Mood

There's no denying it: a lot of women love porn — and that doesn't just mean visual or auditory, because literature can certainly bring the heat. When you're reading erotica online, you're able to use your imagination and creativity to live out the fantasies in your mind. Plus, some of these sites depict real-life stories, so that makes the fantasy more relatable, and the idea of doing something so adventurous and wild that much more realistic. Here are 13 top sites you'll want to read now. The best part: all of the erotica is free!

  1. The Darker Side Of Lust: The erotic short story collection addresses all aspects of love (the sexy, twisted, and the intense). It discusses long-term relationships, lust, and denial through character-driven short stories and vignettes featuring heterosexual, bisexual, and transgender characters. Themes covered in the collection include masturbation, first-time encounters, sexless marriages, infidelity, open marriages, anal sex and pegging, sex work, and religion, so there are tons of good reads ahead. Although excerpts are free, you can also buy the books.
  2. Literotica: When there's so much variety, it's impossible to disappoint. Literotica is a major hub for those looking for some sensual reads, pictures, poems, and more. With several categories to choose from, like fetish, erotic horror, and first-time, it hits all the marks in terms of passion, intrigue, romance, and unconventionality.
  3. Girl On The Net: While books are for purchase, you can easily access excerpts and guest blogs that are full of passion, ecstasy, and desire. These stories are undeniably hot, and the best part? Some of them are true.
  4. Sex, Life, and Everything: A blog based on a real-life couple's sexual deeds, as they embrace their commitment to each other but also have an open relationship, certainly makes for some steamy stories. The site depicts their adventures, sex toy reviews, and even photo sessions to spark intrigue.
  5. My Sex Life With Lola: Written by a cuckold known as H.H. and his super sexy wife, Lola, together they share a bunch of free stories about their sexual adventures. The stories are riveting, but if you're looking for more, you can also buy their ebook, which is only $1.99.
  6. Filled and Fooled: Here you have a hot young mom who shares her escapades through different articles, as she and her husband are in an open relationship. It's updated often, so you'll never be without something to browse.
  7. A View From The Top: This masterpiece is BDSM all the way, so if you were a fan of Fifty Shades you'll really be into this site. And, there's even a quiz to see if you're a real Dom or a true Sub: whichever it is, you're bound to still have fun.
  8. Clitical: The fantastic thing about this site is it's both for literary pleasure and also educational purposes. Basically, it's a guide to female masturbation and learning all about that clitoris. You'll find product reviews and tips, as well as erotic reads.
  9. Lush Stories: A bunch of smaller excerpts for quick reads, these stories will still get the job done. It's all about wives: how they make love, who they make love (or lust) to, who they cheat with, who they fantasize about, and so forth. You'll get some twisted stories here.
  10. Libida: Calling all ladies, you'll want to check this site out. Not only can you purchase sex toys (sweet!), but you can then use them when browsing all the free erotica. Then maybe go back to the store and browse those toys again.
  11. Casual Sex Project: This site makes the erotic stories come to life and can get you hotter a lot faster. Plus, if people do this stuff in real life, then it might spark your curiosity to try it yourself.
  12. Nifty: Geared towards the LGBTQ+ community, these stories are super hot. These erotic stories are full of passion and sexual energy, which everyone relates to.
  13. True Dirty Stories: These really are dirty, in the best way possible. Submitted as true stories, these are excerpts and adventures many women can relate to or imagine experiencing on their own. It's the perfect blend of fantasy and reality.
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