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Groomsmen Engagement Photo Parody 2018

These Groomsmen Parodied Their Friend's Engagement Shoot and the Photos Are Hilarious

Groomsmen Engagement Photo Parody 2018
Image Source: Courtesy of Paul Campbell and Andy Gray

Engagement photo shoots have become an all-too-common form of celebration for newly engaged couples in recent years, but there are some people who still don't quite understand the hype. Take Paul Campbell and Andy Gray, for example. The two friends recently had the pleasure of serving as groomsmen in their best friend's dreamy California wedding, and in doing so, they chose to honor the bride and groom by hilariously recreating their engagement photos.

Ashley and Rob Harrison held their wedding ceremony in October in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Rob, a Los Angeles soccer coach from England, flew Paul, Andy, and a few others to the states to be his groomsmen. According to Tony Wodarck, the photographer that the couple hired to take their engagement photos, Paul and Andy were pretty intrigued at the thought of couples having engagement shoots, since it apparently isn't too common where they reside.

"During the toasts (roasts) the two best men, Paul and Andy, spoke about how different America is from England — like the fact we do engagement photos," Wodarck told POPSUGAR. That's when the men revealed their silly recreation of the photo shoot.

"They proceeded to click through my photo first, then their recreation," Wodarck said. "Until they got to the last one. Where they were like 'I mean come on, this is so intimate, we obviously weren't going to kiss,' then flipped to the last photo of them kissing." Read ahead if you want to get a quick laugh from Paul and Andy's hilarious pics.

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