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Harry Potter Pinup Cosplay

Luna, Hermione, and Ginny Get a Sexy Makeover in This Magical Harry Potter Pinup Art

Hermione Granger in "S.P.E.W."
Image Source: Ginny Di

One cosplayer is currently making Potterheads all over the internet collectively swoon. Ginny Di is the creative genius who decided to re-create classic pinup photos dressed as some of our favorite leading ladies from the Harry Potter series. She modeled each scene and costume off the paintings of Gil Elvgren, a renowned artist known for his pinup girl illustrations. The results are tastefully sexy, giving the magical series a cool vintage spin.

Ginny shared her images on Reddit, where they were utterly viral, with most people requesting that she make an entire calendar with similar images. We're crossing our fingers that she creates six more for a complete calendar, because we'd definitely be the first to order one! Keep reading to see Ginny's creative collection, and be sure to visit her website if you'd like to order one of the individual prints yourself. They're only available until the end of February, so act fast!

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