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How to Get a G-Spot Orgasm

The Secret to Unlocking Your G-Spot Orgasm Potential

Every women's mag under the sun is looking to school you on the G-spot. The whole idea of the G-spot has been a hot topic of debate for a long time. Some researchers say it doesn't exist at all; some say it's its own thing; some (correctly) identify it as the root of the clitoris.

Either way, it rocks.

The G-spot refers to the anterior wall of the vagina, about two inches inside of the vagina. It is a walnut-textured patch located behind the pubic bone. When stimulated, Dr. Kristie Overstreet, PhD, a clinical sexologist and psychotherapist, tells POPSUGAR that the area swells with blood, causing copious sexual pleasure.

G-spot orgasms are those elusive, deep vaginal orgasms that many of us crave, but don't know how to achieve. The important thing to remember is that no orgasm is better than any other. If you're having orgasms from any sort of stimulation, that's fantastic.

In order to get to the bottom of this G-spot confusion, we figured out how to unlock your orgasmic potential for vaginal climax . . . or at least how to try!

1. Locate the area

The first step is finding the G-spot. Straight up P in the V or a dildo in the V penetration doesn't always hit the G-spot. In fact, studies have shown that only 25 percent of women report having orgasms through penetration alone.

The G-spot is not just up in there somewhere and the more you poke around, the more you get it going.


The G-spot's location (behind the pubic bone) means you need to curve upwards towards the belly button to hit it. No straight up and down boning will do.

"I suggest using any dildo or vibrator that you feel comfortable with. Don't get too focused on size; the goal is to stimulate the anterior wall of the vagina so the positioning of the toy is more important," Dr. Overstreet tells POPSUGAR. Position is everything.

Insert (or have a partner do it for you) a G-spot wand or two fingers into the vagina and hook upward. You should be able to physically pull someone by the pubic bone. Feel around and see what you're working with up there. Some women have reported G-spot stimulation as a desire to urinate; others have said it's like a warm wave of water. Each female-bodied person may find the feeling different and unique to them.

2. Determine what feels good

Experiment with different pressures and movements. Try circular motions, grounded movements and whatever else tickles your fancy. Don't be afraid to experiment.

The G-spot is a multidimensional area and certain things may feel better than others. G-spot stimulation may not be enough to produce an orgasm. Try externally stimulating the clitoris with your fingers or a vibrator for extra arousal. No one said this was a one-act circus.

3. Choose the right positions

"The best position to stimulate this area during penetrative sex is woman on top or rear entry. The goal is for the penis or strap-on to hit the anterior wall of the vagina," says Dr. Overstreet.

You can also try coital alignment technique. Get in classic missionary position, but stick one or two pillows under your butt for extra lift. This allow your partner's penis/dildo to curve up towards the G-spot while you simultaneously grind your glans clitoris on his or her pubic bone.

Again, don't limit yourself to penetration. Get your external clitoris in on the action. Utilize a small finger vibrator. Powerful G-spot orgasms are often combined with other forms of sexual touching. Take advantage of everything that feels good to you.

4. Some women don't have them . . . and that's OK!

Dr. Overstreet tells us that while every female-bodied person has a G-spot and, therefore, the physical capability of having a G-spot orgasm, not every person will. Some vulva-owning people love deep penetrative stimulation and some do not. "Some women may enjoy stimulation more shallow or deeper on the anterior wall than where the G-spot is located," says Dr. Overstreet.

Some like being penetrated, but don't have orgasms this way. That's OK. Every body is different and enjoys different kinds of pleasure. If you don't like having your G-spot touched or do like it but don't find it orgasm-inducing, that's perfectly fine and normal.

You're not broken or damaged. You just don't get off with that kind of touching. As long as you're doing what feels good for you, great!

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