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The Kind of Friend You Are

You KNOW You're at Least 1 of These 40 Types of Friends

The Kind of Friend You Are
Image Source: Netflix

Whether we care to admit it or not, we all play a specific role (or roles) when it comes to our friendships. It's easy to pinpoint your most responsible friend or your most adventurous friend, but let's get into some specifics. Like, which one of your friends have you literally never seen without a Diet Coke? (I'm sure a name is popping up automatically into your head.)

But it becomes a bit more challenging to figure out which quirky, hilarious role that you yourself fulfill within your circle of friends! Perhaps you're the single friend with tons of flings who your taken BFFs live vicariously through — or is that just me? At any rate, we've compiled a list of the quirkiest, most hilariously accurate, and highly specific types of friends you either are or definitely know. Check 'em out, and let us know which one was so accurate that you felt it in your soul.

— Additional reporting by Zara Patel

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