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Signs You Should Get Married

28 Signs You Should Get Married

If you're thinking about making a trip down the aisle, make sure all the signs are pointing to yes first. Forever is a pretty long time, so there's nothing wrong with reevaluating your relationship to know you're absolutely sure. The most important thing to consider is whether the idea of marriage is more appealing to you than actually being in it to win it. Want to confirm that you're ready to be a Mrs. or Mr.? See 28 clear signs that you should get hitched.

  1. Marriage is something you want for yourselves, not something that you feel pressured to do.
  2. You can visualize a happy future together.
  3. You can't imagine being with anybody else.
  4. Lack of mutual respect and support has never been an issue between the two of you.
  5. You're good friends as much as you are romantic partners.
  6. You know how to work as a team.
  7. Your friends and family support your relationship.
  8. You're able to come out of any fights or disagreements even stronger.
  9. You don't feel held back by your partner or relationship.
  10. You're already great at negotiation and compromise.
  11. You get excited thinking about being their wife or husband.
  12. You're genuinely happy together.
  13. You're confident you can handle any challenge together.
  14. Your partnership is well-balanced and healthy.
  15. Sex goes beyond the physical level.
  16. You both want the same things.
  17. They know you better than anyone else does.
  18. You've never felt trapped in the relationship.
  19. You share the same values.
  20. During hard times, he or she is the person you want by your side.
  21. You love spending time together — even if it's just doing nothing.
  22. They know how to make you feel better when you're upset.
  23. You can let your guard down and be yourself.
  24. You trust each other, 100 percent.
  25. You're willing to make sacrifices for each other.
  26. You're never worried that they'll judge you or criticize you.
  27. You bring out the best in each other.
  28. You know in your gut that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
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