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When Do Married Women Start Cheating?

1 Study Says This Is the Amount of Years Into a Marriage That Women Start Cheating

Turns out that infidelity is a universal thing that can be pinpointed. According to VictoriaMilan, a dating site for adults secretly seeking extramarital affairs, women across the world begin cheating on their partners around the same time into their marriage. The study assessed adult women of all ages in various continents and countries and found that the average age of cheating was about 36.6 (with the average marriage age at 29), about seven to eight years after marrying. Something about discretely finding a new lover helps women rediscover that excitement their relationship may be missing.

"Married women start having affairs for various reasons," said the site's founder, Sigurd Vedal. "Perhaps their husband is not giving them the attention and respect they deserve. Perhaps they still love their partners, but the spark has vanished from their marriage. Alternatively, they may have an open relationship, and both have affairs to satisfy their physical needs whilst still sharing a tight emotional bond."

The study broke down the average age that affairs occur:

  • Most women in the UK who are cheating on their partners were between ages 25 and 29.
  • The most common age in Spain was between 40 and 44.
  • In Hungary, most women were 45 to 49 years old.

Here's the breakdown in terms of average time between marriage and affairs:

  • Ireland had the shortest period in Europe, with most women cheating after only 3.6 years (average age 30.8) after marrying.
  • Women in Sweden waited 4.1 years after tying the knot, while the UK waited 4.4.
  • In the US, women found other partners 8.5 years (average age 35.5) into the marriage.
  • Women in Canada cheated after 6.7 years (average age 35.8).
  • In South America, women cheated after 7.4 years (average age 33.4).
  • South Africa's women began being unfaithful 6.8 years after marriage (average age 35.8).
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