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Why Adult Friendship Is Important

Why I Appreciate My Childhood Best Friends as Adults More Than Ever

I think there are two types of soulmates. Sure, we all know about the romantic ones, but I believe friends are meant to find each other too. I'm not trying to be corny right off the bat, but it's true. I met Natalie in sixth grade and Claire in seventh grade — 13 years later, I still talk to them every single day. And we're not sick of each other at all, seriously! The three of us are so different, but we all get along really well.

Yeah, sometimes we bicker, but the beauty of a long friendship is that there's no fear in telling each other exactly how we feel, then moving right along. It's like having sisters that you get to pick yourself. I have always loved my BFFs, but in the past few months, I have come to appreciate them more than ever.

I recently went through a terrible breakup — Claire and Natalie were there for me every single day. They let me cry, talk about it, and generally be a hot mess for a month straight. They listened. They took me out. They lifted me up and reminded me of the reasons they love me. When I called, they picked up the phone after one ring. And when I was alone, they made sure someone was there to be with me. Basically, they were the best friends anyone could ever ask for.

While I was going through all of this, I thought about when Claire and Natalie went through hard times as well. And I wondered if I was always as great of a friend to them as they are to me. Times when I was wrapped up in college or a boyfriend and maybe I could have made that extra phone call. I have always been a good friend, but their undying support of me made me want to be an even better friend. Because people don't always have close pals the way I do.

Those two girls make me want to be a better person without even knowing it. They have known me since I was 12 years old, so they understand every strength and weakness that I have. And they embrace it. We make each other laugh (really hard), we always tell one another the truth, and we celebrate our life accomplishments with sincerity. From epic Halloween costume fails (see our high school Barbie ensembles below) to hilarious house parties, we share a lot of good stories, too.

My mom says she has always been fascinated with our dynamic because she doesn't see a lot of women remain so close at such a pivotal time in life. She told me that sometimes she'll just sit there and watch us talk because we have a connection that's so unique — it's like we're speaking our own language to each other or something. I had never thought about it until she explained it to me, but she's right. We keep each other's secrets. We understand one another's interests. I wish there was a word to explain truly knowing someone to their core, because that's pretty much how we feel. Maybe that's what BFFs actually means.

I realize that few people get to have friendships that transition from childhood to adulthood, but if you do, don't take it for granted. Those friends will be with you as you go through life events that form you into the adult you are today. And you will need them to be there, trust me. Because who will know how you're feeling better than them? No one. That's the joy of having Claire and Natalie as my best friends. They know my past and I have no doubt they will be in my future.

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