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Why You Should Stop Dating Your Type

Stop Playing it Safe! Dating Outside Your Comfort Zone Has MAJOR Perks

A while back I'd found myself in a bit of a dating rut. I'd go out with someone that I was attracted to, and we'd have a great time, but throughout the course of the date I'd start feeling like I was having déjà vu. They'd be very similar to the last person I dated. And the person before that. My friend noticed a pattern — and like a good wingwoman — she sat me down and gave me some valuable advice: "None of these relationships worked. Why are you going for the same type?"

If you also find yourself drawn to the same sort of partner, whether that means similar physical traits, personality, religious beliefs, political ideologies, etc., it may be time to abandon "type." Ready or not, here are five reasons why you should find love outside of your comfort zone.

1. You're Missing Out On So Many Other Options

Dating narrowly can end up limiting who you interact with and shrink your dating pool, whether you notice it or not. You may have sworn that you'll only date "X,Y, or Z" but you can easily back yourself into a corner with those kinds of qualifications. You turn a blind eye to those who don't fit your typical "type" right off the bat, but what about those left behind?

2. You May Have Outgrown Your "Type"

Are you still drawn to the same type of guys you were in high school? What about college? You're probably not the same person you were then, and honestly, your dating preferences aren't the same either. Sometimes you end up sticking to a type out of habit and not because that's really what you want.

3. You Should Experience Variety

Serial dating one type can be exhausting, since you're basically going out with the same person over and over. If you're bored with your dating life, then shake it up a bit with people who can expose you to new experiences and/or ways of thinking. Eliminating your "type" opens you up to new opportunities, and you never know who might lead you to the experience of a lifetime. If anything, you'll learn/try something new and who doesn't love that?

4. You Won't Have the Same Fight Over and Over

Believe it or not, comfortably dating the same "type" of person could lead you to having the same type of issues. If you're attracted to a overconfident partner, but are frustrated when that confidence turns into cockiness, you're likely to have the same issue when their clone comes along. No relationship is perfect, but you might appreciate the change of pace and verbal sparring partner when you are dating someone new.

5. You'll Never Know Until You Try

Nobody's saying it's easy. You're abandoning familiarity for the possibility of something better. Being vulnerable is definitely difficult, but kudos to you for being willing to explore new waters. You won't ever be sure that you know what you want until you've tested your polar opposites. You can end up growing as a person when you allow yourself to expand your horizons. And who knows? You may find love outside of your "type" along the way.

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