The Best Sex Positions For When You Crave Multiple Rounds

The Best Sex Positions For a High Sex Drive

If you find yourself wanting sex often, it could be because you have a high sex drive. Though libido or sex drive will vary from person to person, unless you find it to be significantly interfering with your daily life, a high libido just means you enjoy having a lot of sex — and that's not something to feel insecure about. So long as you're having sex safely and with enthusiastic consent, then by all means, have as much sex as your body desires.

When you're planning a long night ahead of you, though, you're going to need some really good sex positions to keep things interesting and exciting. Ahead, you'll find the best sex positions for people with a high libido. Each of these sex positions should not only help you reach an orgasm in a satisfying way, but will also keep both parties feeling comfortable. Just remember to always communicate with your partner about how things feel and adapt these sex positions in whatever ways will make both of you feel sexy and satisfied. Your pleasure awaits.

Cowgirl Sex Position

The cowgirl sex position is a favorite for one major reason: when you're on top, you're in charge. When riding someone, you can easily set the pace and take everything you need from the experience, which is perfect if you know what kind of depth and tempo your orgasms require. All you need to do to get into this position is straddle your partner as they lie on their back, just like you would if you were riding a horse. Once on top, this angle also allows for deep penetration, which, depending on how you like to orgasm, can be that much more satisfying.

Doggy-Style Sex Position

What's great about having doggy-style sex is you can get a little bit rough with it, as long as both you and your partner are into that. The position requires one partner to be on all fours, while the other enters them from behind. The penetrating partner can then thrust hard and fast, which can sometimes be exactly what you need if you have a high sex drive. Note that this is another grade A sex position that gives deep penetration and G-spot stimulation, which can result in some pretty intense orgasms.

Yab-Yum Sex Position

Yab-yum is a popular tantric sex position sometimes used as a meditative practice. Essentially, one partner sits crossed leg and the other partner sits on top of their legs, so that the partners are facing each other. The on-top partner then wraps their legs around their partner's waist and their arms around their partner's shoulders in a loving embrace. This closeness is highly erotic, and when you sync your breath together, it's even more orgasmic. It's a great sex position to try if you're hoping to get closer with your partner since it highly focuses on intimacy. If that level of spiritual connection is what you need to get off, this is the position to try.

Butter-Churner Sex Position

The butter churner sex position is not for the faint of heart. Basically, the partner being penetrated will lie on their back with their feet over their head and their hips in the air, so the penetrating partner thrusts into them from above. Because you're upside down, the blood will rush to the receiver's head, which can heighten the experience — but it's imperative to approach this position carefully and to avoid having sex this way for long periods of time. For this sex position especially, make sure you actively communicate with your partner about how things feel and if the position ever creates too much strain.

Twisted-Missionary Sex Position

Missionary is a solid sex position on any given day. However, if you have a vagina, it isn't always the best and most effective way for some to reach orgasm. When having sex missionary style, try the coital alignment technique, or a sex position in which the penetrating partner on top can slide a little farther forward, so that when they grind, they can better stimulate the vulva owner's clitoris. This added layer of stimulation may help both of you peak more quickly than with standard missionary.

— Additional reporting by Theresa Massony and Taylor Andrews