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Name That Sex Position

There are plenty of reasons why you should have more sex, so if you need to spice things up to get your libido back in order, maybe it's time to try out some new sex positions! Take this fun quiz to see how much you know about these different positions. (Illustrations slightly NSFW.)

Image Source: Cosmopolitan
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Let's start with something basic. What's the name of this common sex position where the man lies on top?

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What's the name of this position where the woman is on top facing the man, with her knees on the bed?

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How about this one, where the woman is on top, facing away from the man?

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What's the name of this position where the woman is on the top, with both feet on one side of her partner?

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What's the name of this sex position, where the woman is lying on her back with both legs in the air, and her partner is on his knees?

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How about this one, where the woman is lying on her side and the man kneels between her legs?

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This is a standing variation of doggy style. What do you think it's called?

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What's the name of this intimate sex position, where both partners are wrapping their arms and legs around each other?

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What's the name of this position, where the woman is sitting on her partner's lap with her legs on his shoulders?

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Last one. What's the name of this sex position where both partners are kneeling and facing one another?

Image Source: Cosmopolitan
Fun-Misty Fun-Misty 4 years
I tried to answer the 'name that sex position' questions, but I was denied an access. Any idea(s) on what to do?
Shelia14564764 Shelia14564764 4 years
I have done it
LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 5 years
Just  because we don't know the name of it doesn't mean we haven't tried it... :) Hehe
Nicole3147778 Nicole3147778 5 years
"Sex Tips For A Happy Relationship"..
Blonbie Blonbie 5 years
7/10 NOT BAD AT ALL!!!-  ;)~ 
amitji1 amitji1 6 years
i have experienced and try to develope some new more because its my passion and my job profile.......
pink-elephant pink-elephant 6 years
9/10 ...done almost all of these, really good for future reference!
Aquadave Aquadave 6 years
7 out of 10 but I don't know where yall got those names. you got a lot to learn. who wrote this quiz needs to study a little more. Rodeo is doggie while pulling her hair that was reverse cowgirl
Patrick-Cuddihy Patrick-Cuddihy 6 years
A lot of practice, teach and be taught, willing to learn, seek and explore and fun fun fun!
BeamerCG BeamerCG 6 years
Why is the turtle position shown in the middle of a living room? Did the CG couple get bored?
kissforbrenda kissforbrenda 6 years
Fun stuff ; ) Hope to try em all out one day!
stylinfabqueen stylinfabqueen 6 years
8 out of 10... I'm surprised in what I know!
Jake2010 Jake2010 6 years
8 out of 10.... not bad.... but there's always room for improvement... Practice makes perfect... and lots of smiles..... ;)
pureperfection pureperfection 6 years
6.... im guessed my way through... some of the names are pretty cool!
Venus1 Venus1 6 years
Many women complain that intercourse alone doesn't help them climax" - That's because we need lots of oral too!
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