See the Most Stunning and Emotional Wedding Photos of 2015

A Brit & A Blonde

See 2015 through the lens of some of the most talented wedding photographers in the business. These professionals — who are all behind the beautiful real weddings featured on POPSUGAR — have spent the last year capturing the most pivotal day in a couple's life, and they're now sharing their absolute favorite wedding photos of 2015 — a task, I must note, that is far from easy. Read through to see these breathtaking, romantic, exuberant photos along with their behind-the-scenes stories from the photographers.

Jenifer Fairchild

"I look at this photo and am completely nostalgic about it. It's timeless. These two are close friends of mine, so knowing their love runs deep makes this photo that much more emotionally charged for me." — Jenifer Fairchild

A Brit & A Blonde

"It started to rain and this bride embraced it wholeheartedly. She started dancing and twirling around while her groom looked on. We adore these magical and spontaneous moments — they are what makes each wedding such fun to capture." — Jessica Hill, A Brit & A Blonde

Callie Riesling

"Third overall pick in the MLB draft in 2013, Colorado Rockies pitcher Jon Gray has had quite the year. While many fans were eagerly awaiting his call up to the big leagues, his fiancé Jacklyn was planning weddings in three different locations. And right around two weeks before the wedding, Jon and Jacky got the call. Although I will never really understand the excitement they were feeling about Jon taking the mound for the first time in his Major League Debut and saying their vows to each other on their wedding day, this image has so much significance to me. In my eyes, I see them hand in hand, taking on this new incredible journey in the Majors together, as husband and wife. Jacklyn said, 'Jonathan and I both had to fight a lot of obstacles to get to this very moment. I'm so glad that you were able to capture such an incredibly important time in our life together. Walking onto Coors Field as Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Gray was truly a dream come true for the both of us!'" — Callie Riesling

AL Gawlik Photography

"I love the joy of life and passion Emily and David have for one another. Their spontaneity and celebration of love for one another speaks volumes in this image." — Amy Gawlik

Tiny Human Photography

"I work closely with my wife, Julianna. We are both photographers and we alternate leads from wedding to wedding. It keeps things really exciting for us. I am always pleased when I get home and begin the work on the photos. She surprises me all the time and keeps me really excited when she sees things I haven't yet. These two photos are an example of this. Why I like photos so much is that it reminds me that there are many ways to capture a day and a wedding . . . " — Noah Ehlert

Tiny Human Photography

". . . These two pictures were the same situation and nearly the exact same moment. The wide shot is mine and closer shot my wife's." — Noah Ehlert

Nigel Edgecombe

"This is from a gorgeous Indian wedding I shot in June. What I love about it is the intimacy of the couple, and how the colour of their outfits at once compliment and juxtapose with the background. For me it's like a still from a Bollywood film shot in Europe, especially as the couple are so handsome." — Nigel Edgecombe

Tony Gambino

"We did not expect to find such a magical location, the stars absolutely aligned to make this happen. The right time of year, it happened to rain the day before, the water was the perfect depth, we got an outrageous sunset, and my clients were over-the-top adventurous, willing to get wet and dirty for these photos." — Tony Gambino

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The Bird & The Bear

"No wedding day goes EXACTLY to plan, but most don't have as many changes as this one! This is a portrait of Janelle and Ronald on their awesome October wedding day! The week before their wedding was beautiful — we had lovely weather here in Austin, and we were all geared up for another perfect wedding day! On the morning of, we began hearing reports of extreme flooding in Austin — cars floating away, people stuck in trees, and major highways closing down. Later, we received a phone call from their coordinator saying the venue had been flooded and they were working out a new plan to try and find a backup that was on higher ground. Luckily, Antebellum Oaks, an awesome venue, happened to be available and was perched on the top of a hill! Somehow, the clouds parted and gave everyone a small window to travel to the new space, and the ceremony even started on time! The couple said 'I do!' and all the vendors breathed one big sigh of relief — what an awesome day!" — Bryan Canatella

Theodoros Chliapas

"I love this photo! Nicole has just got married. She is so happy and dancing at the rooftops of Santorini island!" — Theodoros Chliapas

Yes Dear. Studio

"This capture is our personal favorite of the year because it was truly the first time we witnessed the joining of two lives surrounded by and consumed by their loving family and friends. It was not about being up on a stage for everyone to observe, it was about a commitment between two souls and two families, together. Photos can only capture so much, but when we look at this photo it seems to tell a story that is deeper than words." — Aubrey Westlund

Randy + Ashley

"We chose this image because it encapsulates everything we love about weddings: the joy, the romance, the intimacy and how it all come down to the simplicity of two people are truly and madly in love." — Randy and Ashley Durham

Hibben Photography

"The flat grassland, the farmhouse from the 1800's, & the windmill all seem so very distinctly Oklahoma! It's by far my favorite." — Tom and Samantha Hibben

Erin Johnson Photography

"I love this photo of Michelle and Ryan with the trees circling around them and the romantic kiss from the groom to the bride. They had this embrace right after they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day." — Erin Johnson

Gabriel Gastelum

"I loved this image because of that perfect sun coming in through a retired neon sign in a graveyard for old signs of Las Vegas. A Neon Graveyard, which was such a unique experience. Each couple is so unique, and I love when they can show their uniqueness on their wedding day." — Gabriel Gastelum

Sarah Marie Photos

"I chose this one for one simple reason: I seem to find myself chasing the sun at every wedding. This beautiful couple were so easy going and I had to make them look away from each other; I can feel their love in this photo!" — Sarah Marie

Kayla Coleman Photography

"Alternative decades, decor, and music collided in the sweetest, most intimate wedding at a venue as unique as this beautiful Nashville couple." — Kayla Coleman

John Schnack Photography

"Shortly after finishing Anthony and Natalie's portraits in a beautiful pasture in the English countryside, we hopped in a 1967 VW bus. As we were heading out, Natalie took a quiet moment for herself, reflecting on the day thus far and looking forward to what will come." — John Schnack

Melissa Kelsey Photography

"The wind, the long, beaded veil, and the connection between Emily and Jason, all came together at once, for a timeless, dreamy photo for this classic couple." — Melissa Kelsey

Cassie Jones Photography

"What makes it so special is that it was the result of a mishap. The bride wanted a few sparkler photos of just she and her husband except the guests used all the sparklers during the exit. I could tell she was a little disappointed so I looked around and saw the candles on the table. The idea was one of those crazy, 'this might just work' moments. What we created was a beautiful and romantic image that's not only a reflection of the day but also iconic. It's one that reminds me to trust in myself and the creative fire within." — Cassie Jones

Mekina Saylor Weddings

"They were married at Maritime Parc in Jersey City on Nov. 28. I'm not going to lie, these two were pretty disappointed with the rain and how quickly it became dark. Then they saw these photos and it was literally like they were in a twilight zone with the memorial really helping bounce the light!" — Mekina Saylor