24 Magical Cinderella Halloween Costumes

You may have spent the majority of your childhood dressing up like Cinderella and imagining that one day your Prince Charming would come, or maybe you just tend to lose your shoes a lot. Either way, these are perfect costume options for you! Deck yourself out in magical Disney princess garb, and shake it up by adding an extra element to your outfit. See some inspiration here.


Girlie Cinderella

This dress is what dreams are made of.


Ripped-Dress Cinderella

Right before she's transformed into the belle of the ball!

Pirate Cinderella
deviantART user thebooradlus

Pirate Cinderella

This is what Cinderella would look like sailing the open sea.


Live-Action Cinderella

Bring the newest Cinderella movie to life!

Superhero Cinderella
Facebook | Superhero Disney Princesses

Superhero Cinderella

If you feel like being both a Disney princess and a badass, superhero Cinderella is your best bet.


Pinup Cinderella

Perfectly coiffed hair, red lips, and a retro dress is the right recipe for a pinup Cinderella costume.


Hipster Cinderella

Too cool for school.


DIY Cinderella

A DIY Cinderella getup is cute, cheap, and easy to make.

Servant Cinderella
deviantART user AnnielArewwa

Servant Cinderella

Get Cinderella's preprincess look with black flats, a basic dress, and an apron.


Cinderella With Her Evil Stepsisters

A great group costume idea.


Retro Cinderella

Complete with an old-school 'do and a boyishly chic suspender and bow-tie combo.

Casual Cinderella
Flickr user Love Maegan

Casual Cinderella

This is a Disney princess "day look" option.


Cinderella Doll

Doing dress-up right.

Vintage Cinderella
Theme Me

Vintage Cinderella

A blue vintage gown styled with Cinderella's accessories is an easy costume to put together after finding the right main piece.


Nerdy Cinderella

Get together a classic Cinderella costume and finish off the outfit with some fun fake glasses and suspenders.

Decked-Out Cinderella
Flickr user Mooshuu

Decked-Out Cinderella

To look this good, you might need a little help from your friends — or Fairy Godmother.


Retro Cinderella

All you need is a pretty blue vintage dress!

Cute Cinderella
Tumblr user disneyboundtumblr

Cute Cinderella

This adorable Cinderella take is easy to pull together with what you have in your own wardrobe.


Sexy Cinderella

Flirty and fun while showing a little bit of skin.


Techie Cinderella

This iteration of Cinderella would probably work at a tech start-up in Silicon Valley.

Sad Cinderella
deviantART user BexiBeans

Sad Cinderella

If you're feeling a little angsty (maybe your stepsisters ripped up your dress, too!), you'll be able to pull off this sad Cinderella outfit.


Sassy Cinderella

Who said Cindy has to wear a ball gown?


Flapper Cinderella

Keep it classy with a Roaring '20s-inspired Cinderella look.

Modern Cinderella
Flickr user Love Maegan

Modern Cinderella

This version of Cinderella gives us a good idea of what the modern-day princess would look like.