43 Disney Couples' Halloween Costume Ideas

We can't all have a fairy godmother with a magic wand, but these Disney couples' costumes for Halloween are the perfect excuse to make your fairy-tale dreams come true. The world of Walt Disney is filled with princesses and princes, evil villains, and lovable sidekicks with giant eyes — and they all make for some of the most fun, nostalgic, and adorable Disney couple Halloween costumes.

It's easy to turn on your favorite Disney movie to look for inspiration, and get lost in the nostalgia of the heartwarming stories. But if you're looking to jumpstart your costume creation process, you can skip the streaming and scroll through these other fans' Disney duo costumes. For some fans, classic couples — like Prince Eric and Princess Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" — are an immediate yes, while other pairs might choose a more unconventional Disney couples' costume (see: Mike Wazowski and Sulley from "Monsters Inc.").

Other Disney couples' outfits on the list include Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from "Tangled," Annie and Hallie from "The Parent Trap," Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, Woody and Buzz Lightyear from "Toy Story," and Ken and Barbie from "Toy Story 3." From Lizzie McGuire to Moana, we have pretty much every era of Disney covered when it comes to these Disney couples' costumes.

Whether you want to embody your favorite Pixar characters like WALL-E and EVE from "WALL-E" with a romantic partner, or transform into a classic pair like Kuzco and Pacha from "The Emperor's New Groove" with your best friend, these Disney duo costumes are designed to be a hit at the next Halloween party. Dive into these creative, DIY Disney costumes for couples ahead, and happy Halloween haunting to all Disney fans.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano, Lindsay Kimble, and Chanel Vargas


Disney Couples' Costumes: Troy and Gabriella From "High School Musical"

Show everyone you and your partner are all in this together by dressing up as Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens's iconic "High School Musical" couple, Troy and Gabriella. The costume is super simple: one of you just needs to wear a red basketball jersey with black shorts and carry around a basketball, while the other dons a simple red summer dress.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Kristoff and Anna From "Frozen"

Love is an open door for any couple who channels Kristoff and Anna from "Frozen" for Halloween. For this Disney duo costume, layering is key if you want to create the illusion that you just stepped out of snowy Arendelle for some Halloween fun. If you're up for a little DIY project, you can even sew together a couple of patchwork "moss" capes inspired by the trolls in the Valley of the Living Rock.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Tweedledee and Tweedledum From "Alice in Wonderland"

Whether you're celebrating Halloween with your partner or your BFF, this Disney couples' costume is easy to emulate with simple items from home. For the simple Disney couples' outfit, you'll need red sweatpants, yellow t-shirts, blue bows, red baseball caps, and the kind of cheerful attitude that would leave The Red Queen's head spinning.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Aladdin and Jasmine From "Aladdin"

Aladdin and Jasmine are definitely one of the most beloved Disney couple Halloween costumes, and for good reason. While simple, their outfits are instantly recognizable and easy to recreate at home. For Jasmine's half of this Disney couples' costume, you'll need a light blue or turquoise set or dress — a ribbon for her hair ties the whole look together. For Aladdin, baggy white sweatpants and a velour vest will do the trick.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Miguel and Mama Imelda From "Coco"

If you're still searching for a Disney duo costume, grab a friend and dress up as Miguel and Mama Imelda from "Coco." The Disney costume comes together easily with a purple dress, a red hoodie, a white t-shirt, and jeans. For Mama Imelda, put on your best stern face; for Miguel, tap into your musical side and break out the acoustic guitar — or a hand-painted ukulele.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Flynn and Rapunzel From "Tangled"

This romantic Disney couples' costume inspired by "Tangled" is instantly recognizable and requires minimal effort to pull off. For Rapunzel, any purple dress or co-ord set from your closet should do the trick. You can also show off your braiding skills and add a flower crown as a cute finishing touch. For Flynn Rider, execute the dashing rogue look with a sweater vest over a white button-up and a pair of brown pants — don't forget his satchel.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Disney's classic mouse duo make for a solid Disney couple Halloween costume. Best of all, the outfit only requires a few black-and-red pieces from your wardrobe. Yellow shoes and Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse ears from Disneyland complete the Disney couples' costume. If you're feeling extra inspired, though, you and your partner can even slip on a few pairs of white gloves — homemade or store-bought — to pay tribute to the Disney royals.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Mary Poppins and Bert From "Mary Poppins"

Spooky season might feel extra jolly if you and your partner dress up as Mary Poppins and Bert this Halloween. A beloved classic, "Mary Poppins" has been inspiring Disney duo costumes for decades, which means there's plenty of past costumes to take inspiration from. As Mary, elegance and whimsy is key, so have fun with her accessories and make them your own. As Bert, the chimney sweep look is the perfect excuse to play with props and Halloween makeup.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Luca and Alberto From "Luca"

If you're feeling intimidated by this impressive Disney couples' costume, don't worry. Sure, some makeup skills are required to channel Luca and Alberto from "Luca," but the beauty of this costume is that the outfits themselves are easy: a button-up and denim shorts for Luca and a yellow tank top and amber shorts for Alberto. As for the scales, a little bit of paint, cardboard, and hot glue makes this a fun craft project. From there, it's just about matching the colors from your DIY scales with your makeup and voila, your inner sea monster is unleashed.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Woody and Bo Peep From "Toy Story"

Woody and Bo Peep have been sweethearts since day one, making this "Toy Story" duo the perfect inspiration for your next Disney couples' costume. As Sheriff Woody, all you need to do is wear a yellow button-up, denim pants, a red bandana, and a cowboy hat — if you can find a cow-print vest, even better. As Bo Peep, there are no sheep required to pull off this adorable look. All you need is a gingham print dress — preferably pink — a matching hat, and maybe some DIY skills if you're planning to make her shepherd's crook.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Mal and Ben From "Descendants"

Grab a friend and transform into Mal and Ben from "Descendants" this Halloween. This Disney duo costume is about as colorful as it get. As Mal, embrace the monochrome vibes by wearing as much purple as you can find in your closet. As Ben, dig up a blue suit or button-up and a matching beanie — leather jacket and combat boots optional (but super cool).


Disney Couples' Costumes: Yzma and Kuzco From "The Emperor's New Groove"

Yzma and Kuzco may be enemies, but with a little bit of teamwork, you and your partner can definitely pull off this Disney couples' costume inspired by "The Emperor's New Groove." As two big personalities, Yzma and Kuzco are the perfect excuse to go all out with your Disney couple Halloween costume, so add on as much makeup, costume jewelry, and as many feathers as your heart desires.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Alice and The Mad Hatter From "Alice in Wonderland"

You and your partner can easily bring Lewis Carroll's classic storybook characters to life with a few pieces from your closet. For Alice's half of this "Alice in Wonderland" Disney couples' costume, stick to a light blue dress with a white apron. You can also opt for a blue-and-white patterned dress if you don't have an apron. To tie this half of the Disney couples' outfit together, add on a black hair bow and matching shoes.

For the Mad Hatter, an oversized coat, khaki pants, and a button-up make for a great base. After that, add on a colorful top hat — even better if you decorate it yourself — and a bow tie.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Tiana and Prince Naveen From "The Princess and the Frog"

Channel Tiana and Prince Naveen from "The Princess and the Frog" in this Disney couples' costume. If you're feeling especially creative, you can start off in more casual costumes: Tiana's yellow work dress and Prince Naveen's neutral day-out look. Later in the evening — perhaps after sharing a kiss — you can both transform into your most stunning selves. For Princess Tiana, you can wear a green dress with shimmering embellishments. For Prince Naveen, a more cleaned-up ensemble, complete with a nice coat, will sell the idea that you and your partner are the main characters in this fairy-tale.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Annie James and Hallie Parker From "The Parent Trap"

Whether you actually have a twin or you and your BFF have always felt like kindred spirits, this Disney duo costume inspired by "The Parent Trap" was basically made for you. For Hallie, California casual is the vibe, complete with sunglasses and sneakers. For Annie, prim and proper — with a dash of elegance — is the look you're aiming for. The Halloween costume could easily pass as an everyday outfit, but it'll definitely make a statement to any '90s kids this Halloween. (Major props if you learn their handshake!)


Disney Couples' Costumes: Carl and Russell From "Up"

Pixar's "Up" is a one of the most beloved family movies around, and this Disney couples' costume inspired by the film is bound to be just as heartwarming. While Carl and Ellie make an adorable duo, Carl and Russell are the stars of the movie. For Russell's costume, you'll need khaki shorts, a yellow t-shirt, and sneakers — add on a sash with a grape soda pin for extra nostalgia. For Carl, glasses, a bow tie, suspenders, and a few balloons will instantly transform you into Mr. Fredricksen.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Zenon and Nebula From "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century"

You and your favorite "Supernova Girl" can team up for this "Zenon"-inspired Disney duo costume. The DCOM archive is vast, but this is one 21st century girl who will never leave the orbit of our minds. Plus, hot pink is abundant this year — thanks to the Barbiecore trend — which makes your outfits that much easier to shop. With some white boots and a couple of cute hairstyles, you'll have a Disney duo costume that's out of this world.


Disney Couples' Costumes: "The Incredibles"

Wondering where your super suit is? Look no further than this "Incredibles"-inspired Disney couples' costume. Transform into Bob and Helen, aka Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, with a red long-sleeve shirt, red sweats or leggings, black underwear, and matching boots. Proclaim your superhero status by taping a few homemade logos to your shirts, and prepare to fight evil — aka eat candy and party — all Halloween night.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Ian and Barley Lightfoot From "Onward"

If your sibling is your costume buddy this Halloween, this Ian and Barley Lightfoot outfit inspired by "Onward" is the perfect Disney duo costume. Since these are the brothers' everyday clothes, you can probably put these costumes together by digging around in your closet. For Ian, you'll need a red plaid shirt and jeans. For Barley, reach for a band t-shirt, shorts, a denim vest, and a beanie. Also, you don't have to paint your skin and wear wigs, but the blue definitely adds to the whimsy of this Disney costume.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Moana and Hei Hei From "Moana"

Moana's most loyal comrade? Her chicken, Hei Hei. Colorful and simple, each of these characters' designs makes for a vibrant Halloween costume that comes together in minutes. No matter how detailed you make your looks, this Disney duo costume is great for friends, siblings, or partners.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Lizzie and Isabella From "The Lizzie McGuire Movie"

Hey now, hey now — these costumes are what dreams are made of. For any longtime Disney fans, this "Lizzie McGuire"-inspired Disney couple Halloween costume likely brings back major nostalgia. Grab a set of shimmery green-and-pink outfits and matching headsets to pull off the pop stars' incredible looks.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Peter Pan and Tinker Bell From "Peter Pan"

This Halloween, set out on a mission to wow your friends in this Tinker Bell and Peter Pan Disney couples' costume. As the Disney duo, you and your partner can make spooky season a little bit more magical, whether you're going to a costume party, passing out candy, or enjoying a nostalgic Halloween movie marathon at home.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Mike Wazowski and Sulley From "Monsters, Inc."

You and your partner or BFF will look scary cute in this Disney couples' costume inspired by Mike Wazowski and Sulley from "Monsters, Inc." Slightly unconventional, it's unlikely that you'll run into another couple dressed as the Pixar duo at your next Halloween party. Because it's so unique, you have the freedom to craft your Disney duo costume however you choose. We recommend using colorful pieces from your closet, and, of course, monster slippers are a nice touch.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Mama Odie and Tiana From "The Princess and the Frog"

Tackle a different Disney couples' costume from "The Princess and the Frog": Mama Odie and Tiana. For this outfit, you can stick to Tiana's signature green and add on a few floral accessories — or even a crown — to show off her sparkle. For Mama Odie, a white ensemble with a matching head covering and gold costume jewelry should do the trick — just don't forget her snake scarf.


Disney Couples' Costumes: "Lady and the Tramp"

Share a bowl of pasta in this adorable Disney couples' costume inspired by the title characters in "Lady and the Tramp." To emulate the characters from the Disney classic, you and your partner will want to slip on dog ears, oversized collars, and head-to-toe outfits inspired by your characters' coats: brown for Lady and gray from Tramp. As a cute finishing touch, you can even DIY your own dish of spaghetti and meatballs to enjoy as you snap a few pictures together.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Snow White and Rapunzel

Though they don't share the screen, these princesses make the perfect duo for a Disney couples' costume. To recreate the look, slip on your favorite fairy-tale dresses, have fun with the hair and makeup, and grab a few props as a nod to your characters' individual stories. Together, you'll make a Disney princess duo that can't be beat.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Woody and Jessie From "Toy Story"

When it comes to Disney couple Halloween costumes, some fans go all out, like this duo that beautifully pulled off this Woody and Jessie costume. Put your own spin on the look by suiting up in your best cowboy outfits — and don't forget to write Andy's name under your boots.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Jack and Sally From "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

This "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Disney couples' costume is a Tim Burton-inspired masterpiece. Jack and Sally have been one of the most common Disney couples' outfits since the movie made its debut in 1993, and it's a classic for a reason. The contrast between Jack's monochrome ensemble and Sally's colorful patchwork dress and red hair always makes for an eye-catching combo.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Woody and Buzz Lightyear From "Toy Story"

Speaking of "Toy Story," even Woody and Buzz Lightyear can inspire a standout Disney couples' costume this Halloween. For this Halloween date night look, you can skip the shirts and focus on the accessories or go all out with pieces from your wardrobe. Either way, this is one Disney couples' costume that will have us running to the costume aisle infinity and beyond this Halloween.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Barbie and Ken From "Toy Story 3"

While some may go for a different Barbie and Ken look this Halloween, you can keep it classic with this Pixar version. To recreate the Disney couples' costume, you'll need a shiny catsuit and leg warmers for Barbie and a printed button-up and shorts for Ken.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Roger and Anita From "One Hundred and One Dalmatians"

A Dalmatian is not required, but it's definitely an added bonus for these Roger and Anita costumes inspired by "101 Dalmatians." For the simple Disney couples' costume, dig up your best business casual outfits, including a button-up, a brown vest, and khakis for Roger and a pencil skirt and button-up blouse for Anita.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Hercules and Meg From "Hercules"

This couple put the glad in gladiator with their "Hercules"-inspired Disney couples' costume. To recreate the Meg half of this Disney duo costume, grab your cutest cowl-neck dress or sweater and a pair of strappy sandals. For Hercules's look, vintage athletic is the vibe — just don't forget a headband.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Belle and Gaston From "Beauty and the Beast"

If you channel Belle and Gaston with your Disney couples' costume this Halloween, make sure your beauty has her nose stuck in a book. As for Gaston, snapping cute Halloween photos is the perfect excuse to flex your muscles and strike a pose.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Ariel and Prince Eric From "The Little Mermaid"

With two versions of "The Little Mermaid" to take inspiration from this year, the Disney couples' costume possibilities are endless. To keep it simple, stick to an aqua or teal dress and a red wig for Princess Ariel; complete the look with a white button-up, dark jeans, and boots for Prince Eric. Plus, if you have a pet, they can even join in as Sebastian or Flounder.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Kuzco and Pacha From "The Emperor's New Groove"

Everyone at the costume party will love these Kuzco and Pacha Disney duo costumes inspired by "The Emperor's New Groove." As one of the most hilarious Disney duos, your pair will basically have the perfect excuse to tell jokes all Halloween long. Plus, you can recreate some of the film's funniest scenes together, making this a Disney couples' outfit that everyone at the Halloween party is sure to love.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Sally and Lock From "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

If a Jack Skellington costume is too much to pull together last minute, you and your partner can go as Sally and another classic "Nightmare Before Christmas" character instead. In place of Jack, add in Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, Barrel, or even the town mayor.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Pinocchio and Gepetto From "Pinocchio"

This "Pinocchio"-inspired Disney couples' costume is proof that the adorable dress-up opportunities never end. From gloves and wigs to makeup and prosthetics, this is one Disney duo costume where you and your partner can really go all out. (Make sure to attach strings to your Pinocchio for the full effect.)


Disney Couples' Costumes: Boo and Sulley From "Monsters, Inc."

If you're short on green pieces in your closet, you can swap out Mike Wazowski for Boo in this Disney duo costume. Inspired by the sweet "Monsters Inc." pair, these costume is simple but instantly identifiable, making them easy to throw together last minute and fun to wear.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Bing Bong and Disgust From "Inside Out"

Want a unique Disney couples' costume? Try Bing Bong and Disgust from "Inside Out." For Disgust, a green dress, a pink neck scarf, and a frown are all you need to pull off her signature look. Of course, a pair of green leggings and a matching wig would definitely kick this outfit up a notch. For the Bing Bong half of this Disney couples' outfit, aim for a pink ensemble with a gray blazer. As for the accessories, stripes and clashing colors are highly encouraged. (Bing Bong is the literal representation of fun, after all.)


Disney Couples' Costumes: Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head From "Toy Story"

You can make these Disney couples' costumes inspired by "Toy Story" with a pair of oversized t-shirts, felt, and a hot glue gun. If you're feeling especially creative, you can even carry around a few accessories: stylish hats, fake classes, wigs, fake mustaches, and more.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Lightning McQueen and Mater From "Cars"

There are no actual tail lights required to become Lightning McQueen and Mater from "Cars." Instead, use your Disney couples' costume to put an anthropomorphic twist on the talking cars and imagine what they'd look like as humans. For Mater, brown overalls and a trucker hat are a must. For Lightning McQueen, a red jumpsuit with homemade lightning patches will definitely push this Disney couples' outfit past the finish line.


Disney Couples' Costumes: Pixar Ball and Lamp

Rather than Disney characters, channel two of Pixar's most memorable logos for your Disney couples' costume this Halloween. Similar to the Jack and Sally "Nightmare Before Christmas" costume, this outfit gets its wow factor from the contrast between the monochrome lamp and the colorful ball. While one partner dresses in gray from head to toe, another can deck themselves out in blue and yellow — the red star is a must — to pay tribute to not one, but all of Pixar's movie catalogue.

Mike Wazowski and Sulley From "Monsters University"

Throw on some letterman jackets and embrace your collegiate era like Mike Wazowski and Sulley in "Monsters University." For the full monster effect, you can even tape a pair of horns to the top of your hat or wig. Whether you team up with your partner or your BFF to pull off this cool Disney duo costume, don't forget to show your school spirit.