Ooh La La! These Beautiful Photos of Couples Give You a Sweet Taste of L'Amour in Paris

Luckily for photographer Kirstie Tuben and her husband Ben, him being sent to Poland a week after their wedding for work meant a honeymoon in Paris. France has a special place in Kirstie's heart, but it was Ben's first time ever visiting the country. She of course wanted to capture all the romance — it is the City of Love, after all — and offered free photo sessions for couples during her stay.

"The main thing that makes Paris so unique is the feeling that love is all around," Kirstie said. "I saw heaps of couples arm in arm, hand in hand, or even lips on lips walking through the streets."

A stranger within her network introduced her to an interested couple named James and Giulia. The two spent part of their Sunday with Kirstie, adoring one another in front of The Louvre and Pont des Arts bridge. She even captured a random couple who were getting engaged while Kirstie's boat tour was ending. "Scott proposed to Amanda on the riverside while my boat was docking!" Kirstie said. "I sprinted off the river to offer to snap this special moment. Could anything be more romantic!?"

See the beautiful photos ahead to get a taste of what amour is like in Paris.



Photographer: Kirstie Tuben // Submitted via Two Bright Lights