Evanna Lynch Just Penned the Most Perfect Advice on Self-Love

Evanna Lynch is once again channeling Luna Lovegood in the most inspiring way. Today marks 10 years (yes, an entire decade) since the actress auditioned for her role as the kindhearted, unapologetically unique Harry Potter character. In honor of the milestone, she took to her Instagram to reflect on her younger self with a sweet throwback photo. In her thoughtful note, Evanna penned truly admirable advice to her followers on self-love and appreciation. In today's world it's so easy for many of us to feel down on ourselves, and it's truly refreshing to be reminded that a little positivity goes a long away. Her wise message is one that will resonate with people young and old in any of life's situations and is yet another way Harry Potter has inspired lessons on love. Read what she had to say below.

GAH! It has been one decade since I had my open audition for Luna Lovegood so I'm gonna get real real for a minute!! This is a pic from Westminister, London, right after my first audition (check those handmade radishes!!!). I asked my dad to send me photos this year because I wanted to reflect. I rarely look back. I don't like to miss and yearn for past experiences that make the present less vibrant. But a decade felt significant and now I'm looking back for a few moments. And I feel kind of sad. I work consciously to evolve each year and be a different person than the previous. I want to keep going forward, forward, learning more and quickly changing and, I think, becoming better. I shit on my past self a lot with throwaway comments like 'I hadn't a clue what I was doing' and 'I'm glad you didn't know me then'. I put much more love into future-me -the one I'm not yet, the one who isn't even real - than past or present-me and it's not fair. Because now I look at this pic and see an odd, brave, determined girl who knew what she wanted. I'm sorry I didn't always appreciate her. There is such a ferocious focus on self improvement and it can all seem very positive but there is an aggressive undercurrent to it to bury any thing about yourself that sticks out. And you have to be careful when you get swept up in that intoxicating wave of self improvement. Because you may be getting older and wiser all the time but perhaps you are also picking up more of life's baggage that gets between you and your pure, unadulterated and slightly oblivious self. And I think it's nice to acknowledge your young self and give her/him a lil loving squeeze, because however ungainly, awkward, insecure, naive, shy, spotty, idealistic she/he was, she/he had your best interests at heart and did a good enough job at getting you to where you are now. And she was just fine.