Here's How to Have a Showstopping Finale to Your Wedding

If you want to have your big day make a BIG impact on your guests, try fireworks! While they'd be perfect for a Fourth of July wedding, the bursting brights make a wedding extra special no matter what time of year it is. After all, sparklers are fun, but who can resist oohing and aahing over this kind of dramatic display? Your special day will be the kind of wedding your guests talk about for years to come. This Independence Day, see some of our favorite explosive weddings featuring fireworks that light up the night with their patriotic and romantic beauty.

Jake and Necia

Fireworks lit up the sky over this Central California wedding.

Jake and Necia

Here's another dreamy shot from this central California wedding.

Donna Von Bruening

Complete with a fireworks show over the water!

Sarah Zimmer Photography

Or how about having the Times Square New Year fireworks as your wedding backdrop?

The Studio B Photography

This Auburn wedding wowed with a gorgeous fireworks display.

The Studio B Photography

Colors lit up the night sky.

SugarLove Weddings

At this romantic Australian wedding the couple was surrounded by ground fireworks during the cake-cutting ceremony.

Steve Steinhardt

Wow. Just wow, is all I can say about this stunning fireworks display at this French countryside wedding.

Steve Steinhardt

There were even fireworks in the cake.

Emily Steffen

This country wedding lit up the skies of Door County, Wisconsin, with its bright fireworks.

Tiny Human Photography LLC

The happy pair smooched under the fireworks.

Tiny Human Photography LLC

The sky burst with color.

The Collection

This Nashville bash went off with a bang!

Efeunodos Photography

A sparkling sky added glamour to this tropical wedding on San Andrés Island in the Caribbean.

Michelle Turner

Bright yellow fireworks exploded at this wedding in Sayulita, Mexico.

Jessica Hill Photography

The happy couple stole a kiss during the fireworks at their Portland, OR, wedding.

Alison Mayfield Photography Studio

A Thai big day got a big bang of fireworks to top it off.

Our Labor of Love

These lovebirds got affectionate during the fireworks show at their wedding.

Our Labor or Love
100 Layer Cake

Nothing like a fireworks show to cap off a fun Illinois farm wedding.

Geneoh Photography
Wedding Chicks

This stunning fireworks show was the icing on the cake at a wedding on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota.

Green Wedding Shoes
Love is a Big Deal

The newlyweds enjoyed the show.

Green Wedding Shoes
Studio Castillero

The dazzling display took place in Palm Springs.

Dixie Pixel
Green Wedding Shoes

Pink lit up the sky at this big day in Savannah.