Harry Potter Stars Weigh In on Love Triangle Controversy

I recently spoke with the stars of Harry Potter about J.K. Rowling's controversial comments that maybe Hermione should have ended up with Harry instead of Ron. The author of the blockbuster series told Wonderland Magazine that Hermione and Ron have a "fundamental incompatibility" and added that in "some ways Hermione and Harry are a better fit." After seven books and eight films following these relationships, fans were, obviously, losing their sh*t over the author's change of heart. But what did the other actors from the franchise think of this unexpected twist from the creator herself? Especially Bonnie Wright, who plays the girl who does end up with Harry, Ginny Weasley? You may be surprised by their responses.

Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange)

"She's thinking that now? A bit late! It's like she had no choice or say in the matter. I love the fact that she has revisionist theories about characters that she's written. But who knows what's in the future? That marriage might not last."

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood)

"I know that caused such a big frenzy, but it happens! With any relationship you can look back and say, 'Oh, I shouldn't have had that relationship; I shouldn't have been with that person.' But you were! It happened and it made them into who they are. So I think even if J.K. Rowling would feel a pull towards it, history is written. You can't change it. I think Ron and Hermione have something really beautiful and different. They're not a typical pairing, which I found more interesting."

Domhnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley)

"I kind of shut that out a little bit. The books exist. They're done and they're out there. To me the books are what matters and everything else outside of it disappears. I think once you write something it's given over to the people. So I think it's really interesting, but I'm happy that it's Ron and Hermoine in the end. Because he's my brother!"

Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom)

"I think it definitely should have been Hermione and Ron. I mean, Harry's the hero; he's already got all that stuff. I think it's nice that Ron, the underdog a little bit, gets the girl in the end."

James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley)

James: "Well my character's dead, so I don't know!"
Oliver: "It's one less Weasley love then isn't it?"
James: "Yeah that's true."
Oliver: "I don't know, I suppose you can't really argue with the boss."

Warwick Davis (Griphook and Professor Flitwick)

"Yeah, what was all that about? I thought she had written these books and made the decisions! But I guess authors have regrets as well. I think we all thought that was the way it was going to [be]. I suppose the curveball was that, 'No, she's not going to go with Harry!' I think it feels right the way it did end up. There were a few things that J.K. Rowling regretted . . . I think she thought that Professor Flitwick was going to be the hero of the day at one point and regrets that decision [laughs]."

Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy)

"She's the master, isn't she? I dare not beg to differ on what she has to say. She writes the story, so I'm sure whatever she says is probably best."

Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley)

"I guess as any writer or anyone who makes anything, on reflection after making a project you're going to have (well I would definitely have) a million and one ideas and different ways a character or story could go. It's a good exploration of hers to think how else it could go."

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