How to Survive the Holidays Alone

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but they can also feel like the most gosh darn awful time of the year when you're alone.

It's not that you need a partner to "jingle all the way," light a menorah, or watch the ball drop, but the holidays symbolize love, togetherness, and an exchange of affections for all who we love, from family to romantic partners. And hey, let's not forget those tantalizing Victoria's Secret ads we ladies see each holiday season with a whole lingerie line full of whimsical, lacy nothings guaranteed to impress our hot, hunky . . .

Nobodies. We've got nobody.

Suddenly, you can really feel like you just got a whole bunch of coal in your fishnet stockings . . .

But instead of hanging your head and doing the weeping woman sob of shame, buck up, buttercup! The holidays can be pretty amazing alone, too. After all, there's no tag line that states you must be a part of duo in order to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

Survive the holidays this year alone by not surviving, but thriving.

Celebrate: 12 Days of Me, Me, Me
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Celebrate: 12 Days of Me, Me, Me

Don't have a cuddly bedmate to spoil this holiday? Spoil yourself! Treat yourself to 12 days of treats.

Chocolate one day. A massage the next. A bottle of wine with a girlfriend. Dinner with your mom.

Indulge in things that make you glow with the joy of the season. Doing things that you genuinely love to do is a great way to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start having some fun.

Prank: A Little Coal For a Jerk Who Deserves It

Prank: A Little Coal For a Jerk Who Deserves It

Angry at a cheating ex? Still didn't get paid back by that two-timing grub? Well, perhaps revenge isn't the nicest suggestion I'm going to make, but . . .

Sending an anonymous gag gift to a jerk who could use some plastic poop or fake vomit might make you chuckle and get back that dewy glow you lost from that fool!

If you're great with Photoshop, you could also get creative and make up a very suitable holiday card or just buy one like this funny one ($4).

Hey, if Santa is keeping tabs on who's been naughty or nice and you already have full witness that someone's been bad, why not help the big guy out? He's got a heavy load of work this time of year, or so I hear . . .

Take: A Vacation, All You Ever Wanted
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Take: A Vacation, All You Ever Wanted

How about a little three-, four-, or five-day weekend this holiday with the girls or your favorite family members to keep you smiling and in good company?

Craving a little alone time? A weekend alone at a spa or bed and breakfast might be just what Santa ordered.

Shine: Be a Bright Light and Volunteer
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Shine: Be a Bright Light and Volunteer

Feeling alone can be a crippling emotion, so instead of isolating yourself, why not take some of your time to volunteer for people who have less than you do? It doesn't even have to be an organization for people — you can volunteer at an animal shelter or environmental organization — to help give back a part of yourself. Doing so will make you feel wanted and helpful.

That's a great feeling.

Spark: Make a New Connection
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Spark: Make a New Connection

OK, so you're alone and you'll be kissing your own hand like you were a teenager under the mistletoe. Does this mean you're destined to die in a home of 50 cats? No! Why not join an online dating site or app?

Or, if you're already online, disable your profile for a while and instead try a new site. Sometimes we just need to switch gears to have a better perspective and attitude on dating.

If you've had a friend who has tried to set you up with someone, now is the time to become open-minded and meet this potential match. What do you have to lose?

Extend: Forgiveness to Someone Who Hurt You
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Extend: Forgiveness to Someone Who Hurt You

As much as plastic vomit might make me crack up for days, after you're done hitting your local post office, how about letting go of someone who left you lonely?

How about forgiving someone who burned you, whether the person is truly evil or not?

How about forgiving someone so you can start to feel better?

Happy holidays!