Experts Share How to Manifest the Partner of Your Dreams

collage of a woman with flowers coming out of her head symbolizing how to manifest someone and love
Photo Illustration: Michelle Alfonso
Photo Illustration: Michelle Alfonso

It's easy to see why manifestation has become so mainstream: It promises to bring your ultimate desires to life. Using manifestation, you can attract anything you want — including that special someone. If you're wondering what rituals you can practice to attract romance, join the club. Plenty of people are curious about the same thing; there are nearly 15,000 Google searches for "how to manifest someone" every month.

Put simply, manifestation is the idea that your thoughts and beliefs can attract your desires. It hinges on the law of attraction, which states that whatever you focus your thoughts and energy on will come back to you. But regardless of what you're manifesting, it's important to know your why. After all, you can take steps to make romance happen in your life, but it may not be the type of romance you're looking for. Manifesting something into reality comes down to being intentional about exactly what you want — especially when it comes to manifesting someone specific.

"We can attract the type of relationship we want and how we want to feel within that relationship," Roxie Nafousi, self-development coach and author of "Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life" ($15), tells POPSUGAR. "For example, [you] might want to manifest that feeling of safety within a relationship, or being in love with someone who allows you freedom to express yourself and encourages your independence."

A trip down the law-of-attraction rabbit hole will prove that there are a million ways to manifest love, and the good news is that there's no right or wrong way — a lot of it depends on what feels right to you. If you want to try it for yourself, keep reading as experts share the most important steps in how to manifest someone.

How to Manifest Love

Date Yourself

You've heard it before: Self-love trumps everything else. And that's true with the law of attraction as well. Manifestation is pulling the kind of energy you want into your life by pouring it into yourself. "Start by offering yourself the love you expect from someone else: date yourself, be kind to yourself, respect yourself, honor boundaries," Nafousi explains. Once you give yourself that affection and love, you can better discern what you deserve from what you don't.

Create a Love-Centered Mantra

Not only do mantras help magnetize the energy you want to bring into your life, but they're also great reinforcers. By leaving your mantras on notes around your home or saying them daily, you're essentially declaring to the universe that you're ready to receive the love you want. Nafousi explains that self-love mantras such as "I deserve unconditional love," "I am enough, I have always been enough," or "The right person is on their way to me" can help attract the relationship you want.

Visualize the Relationship

Manifesting is all about the details. How does your partner make you feel? What kind of dates do you go on? What experiences do you hope to share together? Vision boards and platforms like Pinterest are both great ways of envisioning the kind of energy you hope this relationship will bring. "In your imagination, as you experience these things, feel the feeling of accomplishment, pride, joy, and gratitude elevate the vibration you're in today in the here and now," says Kathleen Cameron, manifestation coach and author of "Becoming The One" ($11).

Make the First Move

Manifestation can't work through belief alone. As Nafousi puts it, it's also about taking action — so don't be afraid to explore outside of your comfort zone. "That might mean joining a dating app or accepting a blind date from a friend, or simply being more open to meeting new people," Nafousi explains.

Whether a certain someone is on your mind or you're simply ready for your ideal partner, manifestation is a powerful tool to attract love. Although visualization can help you reveal what you want in a partner, it'll require a concerted effort between dating yourself and taking initiative in order for your desires to manifest. But once you know your intentions and practice your manifestations regularly, there's plenty of potential for you to experience the love you've always wanted.