What Is Manifestation? Here's How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Toward the end of last year, I found myself in one of the lowest parts of my life. But despite the heartbreak and anguish, I thought that since things couldn't get any worse, the only direction to go from there was up. Looking into the new year, I vowed to reclaim my happy and loving energy that the cold and bitter Winter stole. It was also during this time that my friends and I began learning about the Law of Attraction, manifestations, and mysticism. And the further down the rabbit hole we went, the more things started to make sense.

If we can consider our thoughts have some influence on our future as they do with our past, who's to say we can't fine-tune the way we think to attract the reality we want? I opened the notebook I had bought for the new year and wrote in huge letters: What are you planning on manifesting in 2019? I wrote goals like working on spirituality, prioritizing love and self-care, and having more meaningful relationships. Looking back now, I'm only half surprised that I've achieved nearly everything on my list. It seems a bit too easy, honestly. I mean, surely the secret to making your dreams a reality isn't as simple as rewiring the way you think and making some list of goals, right? Put very simply — it truly is that easy. It's the act of constant manifesting in tandem with inner work that makes it a bit difficult for some. But for those willing and able to put their minds and inner work to the test, good fortune and opportunities will present themselves, just like they did for me. Of course, you'll need a notebook, energy, time, and the drive to do so. Here's how to make it happen.

1. Your intentions are the start of the line.

I'm sure a good chunk of us could use a money boost or a nice car, but what's the purpose of this thing you want to manifest? What are your intentions for this thing/person, and how will attracting it serve you or your growth? Every thought and decision you make has an intention behind it. This can help highlight the things you want, which will truly enhance your quality of life. Being able to define your intentions helps tremendously when you're trying to manifest things into your reality. For example, intentions for exploring spirituality could be to enhance your mental, physical, and emotional health.

2. Meditate.

Meditation has been used in many religious and spiritual practices for thousands of years. Staying mindful and in the present moment can help you focus on your intentions. Meditation has many other benefits as well, including strengthening your mental health. There are many apps that offer guided meditation if you're a beginner, such as Calm and Headspace.

3. Be specific with your goals.

Make sure you're specific with the things you want and why you want them. It helps to stay consistent with your manifestations when writing them in your journal. Seeing your goals in front of you will help keep the dream alive.

4. Picture your goals as a reality.

For your goals to manifest into your reality, you need to speak about them as if they've already happened. If your intentions are for you to find financial stability, you should talk and act like you have it. Replace "I will/want" statements with "I have/am."

You've probably heard a successful person say something along the lines of, "I've always seen myself opening up my own restaurant," or, "I've envisioned this moment for so long." People who achieve their ambitions do so when they're able to have a clear vision of what they want. In the TED Talk The Power of Visualization, Ashanti Johnson talks about how being specific in picturing your goals can help manifest them into your reality.

5. Take risks, and put yourself in uncomfortable situations.

This might be where people find apprehension. It can be terrifying to leave what you know to pursue a different career path. What if it's not for you? What if it is, but you fail? There are plenty of reasons not to try, but isn't that scathing fear of not knowing already there, whether you fail or not? Yubing Zhang talks risk-taking in her TED Talk called Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone. Her talk inspired me to take a leap of faith on myself and finally make adjustments in my life, which included leaving my job. Your manifestations can't prosper if you're unable to make the gamble on yourself. Your thoughts are incredibly powerful on their own, and transforming them can open many opportunities for you, but they're most effective when you're putting in the physical work as well. When you bet on yourself, the blessings come pouring in, and soon enough, you'll learn that manifesting your goals truly is that simple.