I Hooked Up on School Property in College, and It Was . . . So Hot

I was a virgin going into college, so never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I'd end up hooking up with someone on school grounds. But I did . . . twice, and it was so exciting.

My boyfriend at the time and I were adventurous, so after asking if we could take our daring ways outside of the dorm room, he agreed, and we decided to take them onto campus.

Anyone could have walked in on us. There were also no comfy chairs in the room so we had to use a table. And it was . . . so hot.

He worked at our school's library and basically just sat at the circulation desk and did his homework the whole time. I often went to the library to study or write papers while he worked, and one day, I noticed there was a fourth floor. It was almost secret to most students — none of my friends and I knew it even existed until our senior year. I immediately knew I wanted to hook up in a dark corner up there, but my boyfriend wasn't so sure.

I didn't blame him. He worked at the library and he didn't want to get caught and lose his job, but I persisted. I mean, how hot would it be to get busy knowing we could get caught at any moment? Finally, he caved. We picked a day that he didn't have to work and went to the library to "study." At first, we played it cool, but after pretending to look at our books for a while, the tension was insane and we couldn't take it anymore. We hiked up to the fourth floor and tiptoed into a back room filled with old books. There was no one else up there, but the lights were on, which meant anyone could have walked in on us. There were also no comfy chairs in the room so we had to use a table. And it was . . . so hot.

The surge of adrenaline from hooking up on school grounds was a rush I'd never felt before — and much better than doing it in one of our dorm rooms as usual. We had so much fun doing it in the library, in fact, that a month or so later, we had sex in the science building, too.

Luckily, we never got caught, but the chance that we might have is what made it so exciting. Hooking up on school property definitely comes with risks, but it's also so much of what makes college fun. You try something new, you take a chance, and you do a wild thing. So if you're debating on whether or not to sneak away and hook up on campus, trust me, it'll be an incredibly sexy memory you'll have forever.