These Brides Eloped on the Steps of the New York Public Library, and It Was Magic

Bri first laid eyes on Denisha in the hallway of her place of work. She was immediately attracted to her and went around asking her coworkers if she was a new employee. Eventually, she was able to find out Denisha's name and later slid into her DMs. For a week, Bri never got a reply, but still saw Denisha at work every day. Turns out, Denisha had replied, but the message never sent. The universe has a weird way of bringing people together, because that miscommunication led to a beautiful relationship, and the pair eventually tied the knot in 2018.

The couple love to travel, so they had a destination elopement in the Big Apple. Just like Carrie Bradshaw, the two were enamored with the New York Public Library and its grandeur. They stood outside the building hand in hand and got married on the steps of the library. Denisha looked sharp in a burgundy suit and Bri opted for a gorgeous strapless wedding gown with lace detailing.

"Our favorite part of the wedding was listening to each other's vows," Bri told POPSUGAR. "We were so drawn in that we didn't even realize a crowd of people were surrounding us." Adding to the magic of the special day was that the NYPL steps happened to be lined with sparkling lights for another event. The photos from the day are the embodiment of stylish NYC charm. Keep reading to see them!