These Brides' Intimate Outdoor Wedding Was Filled With So Many Love-Filled Moments

Jaleesa and Amber knew each other long before before they fell in love. The two grew up in small towns that were just 10 miles away, and they crossed paths countless times over the years with their overlapping interests, from church choir to basketball. The couple officially met when Amber was hosting an event through her nonprofit organization and Jaleesa attended to show her support. Soon after, Amber reached out to Jaleesa on Facebook and told her how beautiful she thought she was. "She claimed she was just letting me know, but she was running game lol," Jaleesa wrote in an email to POPSUGAR. Since then, the two have been inseparable.

"Marriage was [and] is important to both of us, and it was something we discussed at the very beginning," Jaleesa said. "One day as we were talking, we shared our Pinterest wedding inspiration and it was the same stuff!" While the pair agreed on the theme for their April 2019 wedding, which they described as rustic-vintage-bohemian, Jaleesa took on all the decor duties to save money, and the hard work (and late-night YouTube tutorials) paid off. From the wood signage to the circular ceremony arch and "foreva eva" cake topper, every detail came together beautifully. This is even more impressive considering they had a major change of plans just days before the big day.

The couple had originally planned to have an outdoor wedding in their backyard, but due to a last-minute change in weather, they had to find a new venue. Just three days before the ceremony, Jaleesa and Amber secured a charming farmhouse in Greenville, SC, which was the perfect outdoor setting for them to host their intimate group of wedding guests.

Jaleesa walked down the aisle in a romantic off-the-shoulder lace dress, while Amber rocked a stylish white suit jacket with burgundy pants. Before the wedding, Jaleesa gave Amber a small pin that she could wear inside her jacket. "The pin included photos of some of her dear family members whom she would have wanted to be there with us, and I wanted to be sure that they could be with her as she walked down the aisle," Jaleesa said.

During the ceremony, the couple's boys joined them at the altar and the family was able to embrace in a hug for a prayer. That, along with seeing Amber wearing the handmade pin, were the two most special parts of the wedding for Jaleesa. Don't miss out on seeing the sweet photos of these moments.

Jaleesa and Amber's dreamy wedding is filled with happy tears, big smiles, and stunning decor inspiration — see all of it, captured beautifully by photographer Amber Robinson, ahead!