These 2016 Romance Movies Are Equal Parts Sweet and Steamy

From hilarious comedies on dating to devastating stories of love, 2016 has been filled with some amazing romantic films. Look no further to find the best movie trailers filled with all things relationship-related. This year has been a good one. Make sure to watch all the previews!

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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star in this sci-fi romance about two passengers who wake up too soon while hibernating on board a spaceship that is taking them to a new planet.

Out Dec. 21

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Rules Don't Apply

This rom-com is about an up-and-coming actress (Lily Collins) and her driver (Alden Ehrenreich) who develop a relationship that is totally prohibited by their boss, the iconic Howard Hughes.

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Bridget Jones's Baby

The beloved Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) is back with a new problem — she's pregnant and she doesn't know who the father is. Find out if it's Colin Firth as her old boyfriend or Patrick Dempsey as her new love interest.

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The Handmaiden

This South Korean erotic psychological thriller is about a con man who plans to seduce a Japanese woman and then take her inheritance money away from her.

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This movie is based on the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving, the couple who paved the way for interracial marriage in the United States. In 1958, the couple went to Washington DC to get married, but were prosecuted and harassed when they came back home to Virginia.

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In this romantic thriller, Brad Pitt plays a spy assassin who falls in love with Marion Cotillard as a French spy. Their relationship takes place in World War II and is filled with twists and turns.

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La La Land

This musical brings Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling together again. Stone plays a singer and Gosling plays a jazz musician in this surreal and dreamy film about trying to make it in Hollywood.

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Southside With You

This sweet biographical romance follows Barack and Michelle Obama's first date in 1989.

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Get a Job

Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller play a couple fresh out of college trying to find postgrad success. Without a doubt, Get a Job looks hilarious.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Nia Vardalos and John Corbett are back in the sequel to the rom-com classic My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Now the couple is dealing with a moody teenage daughter, marital struggles, and another giant wedding.

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Jake Gyllenhaal plays a successful investment banker who has to come to terms with his wife's death after a terrible car accident. While coping with his loss, he reflects on his marriage and rediscovers himself.

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Mother's Day

If you love star-studded romantic comedies like New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day, you'll totally love director Garry Marshall's latest film. Let's not forget that many of our favorite leading ladies, including Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Julia Roberts, are in the movie.

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Me Before You

Based on Jojo Moyes's popular book of the same name, Me Before You stars Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin. Clarke's character becomes the new caretaker for the quadriplegic William Traynor — their relationship has a rough start, but it's clear that they quickly fall in love.

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Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult star in this futuristic love story, set in a world where humans no longer feel emotions. It appears as though their characters may be the exception to the rule.

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The Perfect Match

Charlie thinks that relationships are dead, so his best friends bet him that he will get attached after dating a girl for one month. Then he starts casually dating Eva and realizes it's maybe more than just hooking up.

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How to Be Single

This romantic comedy follows four women as they learn how to navigate New York City as single ladies. Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson, Alison Brie, and Leslie Mann are sure to bring on some laughs.

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Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

Real-life couple Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg costar in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, a film about two young people who happen to fall for each other at the wrong time.

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The Choice

Medical student Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer) moves next door to Travis Shaw (Benjamin Walker), a local who is known to be a ladies' man. Despite Gabby's plan to settle down with her long-term boyfriend, she finds herself falling for Travis. Their budding relationship tests them in this Nicholas Sparks adaption.