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A Secret Love Netflix Trailer

The Trailer For Netflix's A Secret Love About a Gay Couple's 65+-Year Love Story Will Make You Weep

From true crime to food to nature, Netflix produces some seriously amazing documentaries, but one of its latest ones will absolutely hit you right in the heart. A Secret Love, which was filmed between 2013 and 2018, documents the 65+-year love story of Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel, who began dating back in the 1940s but kept their relationship a secret from family and friends. Back then, due to fears of being disowned and mistreated for simply being who they are, they couldn't openly be together. "We had to be very careful," they said in the trailer.

Through it all, they stood by each other's sides until Terry sadly passed away in 2019 from Parkinson's disease. But even still, their love remains and is a great reminder for everyone that love is love. "What she means to me?" Pat said in the trailer when asked about Terry. "She means everything to me." And when told that she'd broken the rules for most of her life, Terry replied, "Yes, I have. That's why I'm happy." Watch the full trailer above before A Secret Love hits Netflix on April 29.

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