50 Signs You're a Young Millennial

If you were born in the '90s, you fall within the category of "young" millennials, aka the later half of Generation Y. Social media has been an influential part of most of your life, Disney Channel rocked your world, and Starbucks stops during carpools weren't unusual. We may not have the best rap, but we fully embrace what we are (whether that's "entitled" or not) and wouldn't trade Instagram for anything. If you feel like you identify more strongly with "old" millennials, check this post out to find out. But if you still remember the moves to High School Musical, please proceed to these 50 signs.

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  1. You can't look at cheetah print without mentally thinking, "Cheetahlicious."
  2. You grew up on Barney and probably attended the Barney's Big Surprise live show.
  3. You wore platform sneakers so you could be like the Spice Girls.
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  1. Your first iPod was the iPod Mini.
  2. You grew up wanting spinners on your car thanks to Pimp My Ride.
  3. You had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's at least once.

  1. You definitely had a Mattel Password Journal.
  2. It’s not that crazy to have 1K Instagram followers or more.
  3. You owned a pink Razr phone.
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  1. Zac Efron will always be Troy Bolton to you.
  2. Gossip Girl was your version of Sex and the City.
  3. Friendship is defined by how long your Snapchat streak is.
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  1. You vividly remember owning "Happy Bunny" stickers and t-shirts.
  2. All you wanted for Christmas was a Barbie dream house.
  3. You grew up watching Disney Channel more than Nickelodeon.
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  1. You remember Cole and Dylan Sprouse from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, not Big Daddy.
  2. You know what Niley, Jemi, and Jelena means, and you have very strong feelings about all of them.
  3. Avril. Lavigne. Arm. Socks.
  4. Having a Finstagram (aka a fake Instagram account) is key.
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  1. At least one of your friends had Dance Dance Revolution at home.
  2. You were in elementary school when 9/11 happened.
  3. You remember Drake as Jimmy Brooks.
  4. You did your back-to-school shopping at Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch.
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  1. You know Goldie Hawn as Kate Hudson’s mom.
  2. Your Instagram handle is a strong part of who you are.
  3. You had a favorite Jonas Brother.
  4. You owned a Disneymania CD.
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  1. You played NeoPets, Sims, and Zoo Tycoon in middle school.
  2. You got irrationally jealous when Lizzie McGuire got to kiss Aaron Carter.
  3. SpongeBob was your LIFEBLOOD.
  4. You had to initially be convinced to transition from Myspace to Facebook.
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  1. Anyone who showed up to the first day of middle school with a Razr or a Sidekick was automatically cooler than you.
  2. You had unrealistic expectations about turning 16 thanks to My Super Sweet 16.
  3. You went to sleep at night dreaming of your parents sending you to boarding school à la Zoey 101.
  4. Disney Channel original movies were. the. sh*t.
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  1. Hilary Duff was your idol growing up.
  2. Most important playground decision was deciding which Powerpuff Girl you were.
  3. You remember when Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were BFFs.
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  1. You still have your plastic box filled with gel pens.
  2. You were there with Miley through all her phases.
  3. You were kind of bummed out when Vine got shut down.
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  1. It was really weird to see Brenda Song in that one scene in The Social Network because you know her as London Tipton and Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior.
  2. You refer to your gear shift as the "PRNDL."
  3. Because you mostly grew up during the Obama presidency, you've got really high expectations for "cool" world leaders.
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  1. Most of your accessories were from The Icing or Claire’s.
  2. Your parents were horrified during Mean Girls when they realized what kind of movie they took you to.
  3. You can't hear the opening of "All Star" without immediately picturing Shrek.
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  1. Your beauty looks have been inspired by SnapChat filters.
  2. You’re still embarrassed to admit that Digimon was pretty cool, too.
  3. You're right between Tobey Macguire-era SpiderMan and Andrew Garfield, so you don't really have an opinion about who was better as Peter Parker.