Here's the Scoop on How Your Moon Sign Impacts Your Emotions

Exchanging birth charts has become a standard greeting these days — it's almost replaced introductions entirely. And if you've just dipped your toes into astrology, you may have caught on that the zodiac signs in your chart are structured to explain the different areas of your life. While most people know what their sun signs are, our unique cosmic profiles are more than just this. In fact, if you want to get the full scope of your celestial personality, it helps to know what your moon sign is as well.

If you're a newbie to astrology, don't let the elaborate details intimidate you. You don't have to be a seasoned astrologer to understand your birth chart. In fact, you can learn so much about yourself by knowing the basic needs and motivations of your moon sign.

What Is a Moon Sign?

Simply put, your moon sign reflects your inner being. This area includes your intuition, emotional responses, and perception of yourself. This aspect of your personality isn't always obvious or noticeable to others, unless they've spent a great deal of time with you. Think of your moon sign as the private part of yourself that you disclose only to those closest to you. Your moon sign can explain why you may not completely identify with every single one of the traits in your sun sign. If you feel like a different zodiac sign entirely, you may feel more aligned with your moon sign!

What Does Your Moon Sign Determine?

When it comes to your moods and emotional responses, your moon sign plays an integral part. In order to get the full scoop on your emotional needs, you should look into the traits your moon sign is stationed in. For example, if you have a sensitive type like Cancer, chances are you are very connected with your emotions and not afraid to express them. Alternatively, if your moon sign is in the freedom-loving Aquarius, you may feel differently about expressing your emotions since this sign gets a reputation for being aloof and emotionally detached.

Why Is Your Moon Sign Important?

Aside from having deeper insight into your inner needs and emotions, your moon sign can help you find out whether or not you're compatible with someone. How you operate emotionally is fundamental for any relationship dynamic, whether it be romantic or platonic. Knowing the relationship between your moon sign and its traits can really help you understand the relationship between yourself and your emotions.

How Can You Find Your Moon Sign?

Your moon sign is determined by your birth date and time and where you were born. By placing this information into an online moon-sign calculator tool or an astrology app, you can learn this part of your birth chart.

While your moon sign isn't the most obvious sign in your chart, it is the most personal. You can learn a lot about yourself, your relationship with your emotions, and how your inner self meshes with others. So don't be shy about exploring your sensitive side. Digging deeper into your shadow self can be a beautiful thing!