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Dad Calls Out Men Who Steal Sleep From Their Wives in 1 Powerful Post

Dale Partridge isn't just an entrepreneur — he's a husband and a father who takes these roles just as seriously as his paying job.

When this dad looks at his stay-at-home-mom wife, he sees what many men don't. Although Veronica doesn't bring in an income, Dale not only recognizes the priceless value of all that she does daily but also understands the amount of effort it takes. "She spends all week serving me and the kids. I spend all week serving the bills. Most men think it's a fair trade, but I doubt it," Dale shared on Facebook along with a touching photo of his wife and child. "Husbands, we are no more entitled to a restful weekend than our wives."

In his powerful note, Dale is urging other men to remember that the 40-hour workweek is a cultural standard and that doesn't mean they shouldn't share in their partner's burdens. "The badge of 'breadwinner' doesn't authorize us to escape our home duties come Saturday and Sunday. The luxury of rest is a gift many men steal from their wives each weekend," Dale wrote. "It's okay to rest, God even commands it, just make sure you're not the only one doing it."

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