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Stranger's Boobs Help Dad Flying With Baby

This Stranger Saved an Exhausted Dad Traveling Alone With the "Power of the Boobies"

Kindness of Strangers

When Evan Hughes was flying with his 8-month-old son, the Dallas dad was having a pretty terrible day.

Due to bad weather and flight cancellations, he and his wife were rebooked on separate flights. This was only the second time flying with their infant and since Evan was scheduled to arrive home first, they decided the baby would go with him. When the pair boarded the final flight after a layover in Atlanta, Evan chatted with the woman next to him as they took their seats.

The child quickly took a liking to their neighbor and started trying to crawl over to her. The woman offered to hold the baby, but Evan politely declined. However, his little boy made his intentions known and as the child was starting to fuss the woman said, "Oh just give him to me!"

Exhausted after a long day, Evan handed his little one over and the child momentarily looked out the window before immediately making himself comfortable and nuzzling up to her chest. "Not 60 seconds later he puts his head down on her chest and falls asleep!" Evan shared on Reddit along with a precious snapshot.

According to Evan, the kind new friend smiled and simply said, "Power of the boobies." She then offered to keep holding the sleeping infant if Evan wanted to get some rest on the flight. "After multiple cancellations and layovers, I selfishly agreed to give her watch over my precious child so that I could catch a quick cat nap," Evan wrote. "The kindness of this stranger was truly refreshing on what was quickly becoming one of the worst days in a long time. There is still hope!"

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