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Dad's Reaction to Son Being Born in His Hands

You're Going to Weep at This Dad's Reaction to Seeing His Son For the First Time

So many of the most incredible birth photos capture the exact moment a baby is born, and a group of photos taken by Jaydene Freund of Cradled Creations is the perfect example. The main difference with her photos, though, is rather than taking the first snaps of the baby with mom in the background, the Canadian couple featured asked Freund to instead capture the look on Dad's face as his son was born.

The photo is included in a full video of baby Theodore's birth story, an unmedicated and natural birth that elicited deep emotions from Mom, Dad, and loved ones in the delivery room. "This family planned to have dad catch and when baby started to emerge, mom had to yell at him to 'go catch the baby,'" Freund wrote on the video page. "He ran over just in time as the head was already out. . . . It all happened quickly and moments later the baby's body slid out and he was holding his son in the air with both hands. He was overcome with emotion."

Watch the video to see all of the birth footage and photos — you won't get through it without crying.

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