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"Disney World isn't a vacation . . . it's a state of mind." If you've ever heard something similar said (or, be honest — if you've said it yourself), then you know what we mean when we say "adult Disney fans." To those who are on the outside, the Disney craze can seem like a mystery. But adult fans will argue until the end of time that Disney isn't just for kids, and their love of the parks only grows with age.

College Humor created a hilarious video that depicts a "non-fan" finding out that the guy she's dating is "from one of those Disney families." The Disney-obsessed guy just simply can't see reason when she tries to explain how the craze is just a little unusual. Anyone who knows "adult Disney fans" with similar sentiments (or is one themself!) can attest to the fact that the conversation is seriously accurate in every way. Watch the video and see for yourself what it's really like to be a true believer in the Disney magic.

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