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Apparently Gal Gadot's Daughter Doesn't Give a Hoot She Played Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot, the gorgeous actress who played Diana of Themyscira in Wonder Woman, stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last week to discuss everything from candy to the hilarious things her daughter Alma says. And apparently, when it comes to her mom's fierce performance in the blockbuster hit, the 6-year-old is not all that impressed.

"She's like the best thing ever to me — she's my daughter," Gadot explained to Fallon. "But whenever people talk to me about Wonder Woman, she completely takes the conversation. And she's like, 'Listen, we've been to London. It's been amazing. I was working on set, too, but I was 4 [years old], 3 — 4, so I didn't do all the takes. It was cold, and they dressed me like a poor girl, so I didn't want to do it [a cameo] because I don't want to be famous. But honestly, every woman is a wonder woman. My mom is just the biggest one because she does the movie.'"

According to Gadot, her kid is also a huge fan of Halloween, an American tradition she was introduced to just last year — and it's not all about the costumes.

"She's psyched," Gadot said. "She wants to be a zombie. Last year we just moved to the states and it [was] . . . her very first Halloween. It's weird, you guys in America, you have wonderful holidays, but it's kind of crazy, right? Because it's all about consuming and consuming, so Christmas everyone's buying presents and then Halloween everyone has to buy tons of candy. But then it's OK to [tell] your children to go knock on strangers' doors, so they can give them candies."

Alma's take on the whole Halloween thing?

"'This is the best holiday ever!'" according to her mom.

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