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Yes, You Can Safely Fit 4 Car Seats in the Backseat of Your Car

Danielle Lloyd took creativity to an entirely new level when she found a way to squeeze all four of her children into the backseat of her car. The model, whose fourth child is on the way, had to make the choice between getting all her little ones to fit safely and comfortably in the backseat of her car or buying a new one.

She posted a photo to Instagram on Aug. 17 of how she beat the system by customizing a set of four car seats to fit her needs. In her caption, Lloyd wrote: "Absolutely love our new personalized car chair made for our four boys making our three seats into four." She also "fully recommended" MultiMac, which makes custom car seats that accommodate three to four kids.

Keep in mind that parents should always consult the latest car seat safety recommendations based on their child's age and weight, as they tend to change often.

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