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1 Blogger's Viral Video Explains Why Being a Single Mom Is Really F*cking Hard

Although Jennifer Weedon Palazzo is married with two kids, she still knows exactly how "easy" she has it compared to all the single parents out there. The blogger recently posted a video to her page MomCave TV that gives all the single mamas the kudos they totally deserve.

The heartfelt message starts by recognizing that being a mother to any child can seem overwhelming at times, but single moms definitely have it harder. She says while sometimes it may seem like you're going at it alone, if you have a partner, you're really not all by yourself. "No matter what you think, being a married mom is nothing like being a single mom. I'm married with two kids and a husband who travels most of the time," she said. "I've heard other married women in my situation say they feel, 'just like a single mom.' And while I get a feeling like you are doing it all on your own, feeling like you are doing it on your own is not the same as actually doing it on your own."

Palazzo really harps on the fact that despite the amount of time her husband spends traveling for work, she still always has a support system in place. "Because even if my husband is oceans away . . . I still have a husband and my kids still have a dad," she explained. "There is someone else out there in the world who is responsible for these kids. He's off making a living to support us, but is physically there when it really matters."

The mother of two ends her ode to single mamas everywhere by saying that she admits she has a pretty sweet deal and has the utmost respect for those who have no choice but to raise their kids on their own, especially when it comes to money. "I've got mad respect for single moms who support their kids in every way, including financially," she said.

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